pool bid in fort worth, too much?

mderas80August 1, 2012

We are first time pool buyers and really dont know much. This is our first pool bid. Is this too much? Reason i ask is because we are not even getting a spa. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

pool size 33x13

pool perimeter 82

pool sq ftg 356

no spa

gallons 12,460

depth 3.5x 5.5x5

450 sg ft decking

All permits included

soil injection

pool up to 7'

8" OC-3/8

1/2" 4 bar continuous box beam

1/2" steel on all transition and stress points

waterfall pad, large 7x10

pool plunbing 2 skmmmirs, up to 6 returns, cleaner line, a pump set, a filter set, VGB compliant main drain, 50' filter run, equipment pad, all suction lines plumbed individually, sched 40 pvc

1 additional pump sets

85 1 1/2 pvc per foot

4 jandy never lube 2"x2.5" valve each


6 sack mix, river washed sand

river wash sand

12' box beam

waterfall pad

1 intelliflo vs svrs

1 420 sq ft pentair cartridge

1 ET 4 pool/spa w/ic40 2 actuators

1 ET wireless clontrol-4 circuit

1 pool intellibrite LED colored w/50'cord

1 legend 1 pressue cleaner grey/white less pump

wiring for

-1 pump

-1 light switch

-1 gfci at equipment

-2 breakerss, subject to panel avail

-1 power unit

-1 time clock or suntouch

wiring for add pumps

witing for computer installation

tile and coping

oklahoma select flagstone

seal coping

mortar upgrade


3 1/2 minimum deck

3" sand

18" OC steel

475 rock salt

2 4" drain heads, planter,gutter

30 4" deck drain pipe

12 4" drain heads

120 4" deck drain pipe

55 1 1/2 sleeves

2 volleyball sleeves

clean and grade

top soil 1/2 load

standard white pool

rope anchors

water stops

8" vgb antivortex drain covers

benches, plaster

start up and balancew chemicals

maint kit 16" pole, leaf rake, 18" brush, thermoter, test kit

pool school

reinstall fence

sprinkler re-routes


variable speed pump

4 ton waterfall

stamped 2 color skin decking


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Sounds pretty decent to me. We are in Benbrook and have about the same size pool and paid 46k without a spa.

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I am a pool builder myself and after reviewing your quote I would say it is a very fair price.
Considering the waterfall, upgraded systems (pump, controls, lights) and sprinkler repairs (which can easily add $1500.00) you should be fine with this bid.
I would get at least 3 bids for any project, and compare apples to apples "where possible".
Ask for recent and past referrals as well. Even go look at a couple of the builders jobs, something other than just pictures !
And when it is all said and done see if the builders sales rep will also be on the job site, we do not have salesmen ourselves . . . the person selling the pool, "builds the pool".
We are designer / builders and find that our clients enjoy knowing that!
Enjoy your new pool !!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Lagoon Pools

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Thank you so much for the feedback. This puts our minds at ease on spending $36K!!!

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Always meet multiple PBs.

Always visit other pools and their owners that are in the PB has built. These pools should be in various stages from in process to 5 years old.

Remember, if it wasn't written down, it wasn't said.


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