Staging...need help with interior paint colors

Melissa SheltonMarch 30, 2009

We are getting ready to list our house. Agent and broker are coming over this afternoon to give input whether or not we need to tone down the paint in our home.

We bought it this way two years ago....we loved it, but I can definitely see how it may turn off other buyers.

I do not have any pics to post right now but I will try later.

Our kitchen is a brick red with light maple cabs, ss appliances and a dark, dark brown (almost black) corian counter top on perimeter and Island. Lt 18 inch tiles with lt grout.

The two-story great-room as well as the upstairs hallway and master bedroom is a pretty bold medium brown. Dining room and family room are similar to great room, but a shade different. Office is an olive green (like a greek olive) with maple built in's.

All woodwork and doors are white.

I'm looking for neutral colors that will appeal to a wide variety of people, but NOT white or cream!!! I think that will make the house feel cold. These large rooms need something to warm them up.

Thanks in advance! I x-posted in decorating.


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Photos will be help us help you...
When in doubt, ask your broker for input...

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Melissa Shelton

I x-posted this to home decorating.


From kitchen into great room

Dining room


Master bath

Master Bedroom

The agent and the broker went through the home today and said DO NOT PAINT!!! YIPPEE!!!!! They said that it is very 'Pottery Barn' and will appeal to families. I just pray that they are right!!!!

Thank you for everyone's input!!

BTW, the home is not staged yet....I was cooking dinner and quickly took a few shots.

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The red may be an issue for some people. See if your real estate agent can get feedback from other agents whose clients view your house. If the red is discovered to be a negative, you can paint it at that time.

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I LOVE all of your colors except for the rust on the small section of your dining room as it seems to break the room up a bit. I do love rust though. Your colors are very similar to ours (including the rust - ours is a background of our wall unit walls, which is white, and seems to just blend in) and our agents (three that came in to price and 35 brokers that came to the brokers open the other day) loved our colors and didn't want us to change a thing. We have also a weird bright blue/green in our kitchen (was in there when we bought the home and we kept it) that we love as did the agents! It just seems to go with our Saarinen style "modern" kitchen. All of the homes we have been looking at are also that very nice tan/beige/brown as you have and done by decorators. Very nuteral! I guess that is the "color" of today! All said don't change a thing. For what it's worth - Elle481

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Don't repaint.....the majority of us love color....if they don't like it, paint is cheap....and I happen to really like that red in your kitchen....keep the paint~~

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I also love the colors of your home except I would prefer the the wall in the dining room to not break up the room with that rust color just like elle481 feels also. Your home is very nice and I feel will show well. Thanks for sharing.

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I don't care for the kitchen, I think the olive would look awesome in there.
I also do not like the red/rust wall against the olive.

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So you can tell by the opinions, everyone has a different idea.....but your realtor knows your area better than we do sitting miles away looking on a trust what they say....but I happen to still love your red kitchen~~~

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