Jandy AquaLink Touch

texas-gatorAugust 19, 2010

I have been lurking here for a while as we have been discussing building a pool. We now have narrowed our choices to 2 PBs and will decide and sign this weekend with hopes of starting construcion in a few weeks.

There is one option out there than intrigues me because I am a tech junkie. The new Jandy AquaLink Touch control pad looks nice on the web but does anyone have firsthand experience? Is it worth the upgrade cost over the PDA or should I just stick with the tried and true PDA? Neither of he PBs we are looking at have ever put one into service.

Appreciate your input.

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Rack Etear

why not get the intellitouch with the remote/iphone interface?

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I have tried Jandy's Touch interface as well as Pentair's ScreenLogic interface (iTC 35 7" color touchscreen) and prefer the latter by a large margin. Pentair has been selling ScreenLogic for about 5 years. Jandy just got into the game late last year. I find the Jandy interface to be slow to respond and a little clunky. I like the wider range of options I get with the Pentair system (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad interfaces are nice too!!)

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From a distributor point of view, why would you pay $1k+ for a touchscreen when you can go IPHONE with Pentair? That unit is about as real time aas it gets and it uses technology you may already have in your pocket. Guarantee the TOUCH will not be around for three years without a revision that will render your purchase obsolete.

Yes, it is a beautiful piece of product be a bit over priced for what you are going to use it for. You're better off buying a new IPHONE that will make you very happy with the pool Pentair application and then use it daily for the rest of life.

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Rack Etear

Remember, you can also use an Ipad, or ipod touch to control the intellitouch products.

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The PB I have chosen prefers Jandy equipment. Can I use the Pentair computer with jandy equipment?

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You can absolutely choose to use a Pentair IntelliTouch control system with Jandy pumps, heaters, filters, valves, etc. Don't let your pool builder bully you into something you don't want just because it is something he prefers. You are the one that will have to live and interact with the pool daily!

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Note to texas-gator;

The use of LED lighting and variable speed pumps integrate much cleaner when the automation vendor matches.

Two speed pumps and plain lights have no such integration issues.

Using the same brand across the board with most manufacturers will qualify you for the extended warranty. Most require the pump + the filter to be included.

Ex: Lets say you bought an E-Pump, DEL60 and Legacy from the builder but Intellibrites, Intellichlor, Intelitouch, and Legend.

The Jandy equipment would qualify for the extended warranty but the Pentair would not. Reverse the products to their respective counterparts and the reverse would be true.

By and large, I prefer the Pentair gear. Jandy has made some significant/major improvements since the merger with Zodiac. Almost there. Hayward and Waterway have a ways to go before I lead a client in that direction.


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!!!!!WOW!!!!! Can these Pentair prices be correct.

I just got pricing back from my wholesaler on the following comparison of digital controlling equipment.
These prices are rounded to the nearest 10 dollars at my actual wholesale cost before taxes.

Jandy- PDA PS-6 controller, AP1400L load center, PLC1400 cell, total 2200.00
Jandy- RS PS-6 controller, AP1400L load center, PLC1400 cell, Touchlink radio remote, total 3350.00
Pentair- I-7 controller, wireless remote for I-7, load center for I-7, IC-40 cell, load center for IC-40, Digital tablet for I-7 $7500.00


Am I being HOSED by my wholesaler on the Pentair products because I'm a Jandy Pro Edge dealer or are you experiencing the same high prices on these Pentair items???


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Kelly, look at the Easy Touch pricing. Better comparison of capabilities.


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Scott, thanks for the quick reply. I was just walking out the door from the shop.
My wholesaler told me that you had to utilize an "I" series controller to build the digital controlling system for this thing.
The 1st question I asked him was to swap the I-7 and it's load center plus radio remote and give me an EZ Touch 8 w/built in SWG in its place.
He told me it won't work with that controlling system because its entry level controller like the PDA PS-6 from Jandy.

Is he wrong, sometimes counter guys aren't that up and up on stuff.

See ya,

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See the brochure:


The wireless is fully functional.


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I had no idea the pentair was so much more. Looks like it will be Jandy and a decision of PDA vs. Aqualink touch.

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Easy Gator.

Intellitouch is another level up and does a whole lot of other things too.. A better comparison to the Jandy is the EasyTouch. See the link I put up before in my reply to Kelly.

Eight relays and up to four valve actuators (2 included) and a built in supply for the included salt cell and mobile, full function remote. Add it up.


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I called back to my wholesaler and they had my outside salesman return my call with his answer to this question.
He stated the same thing as the counterman did, you must use an Intellitouch I-5 or higher controller to utilize the
My cost on this alone was 3300!!!!!
It really seems like a hosing to me, that's why I'm curious as to what other builders are seeing as cost,
If your uncomfortable sharing pricing on the open board, I understand, please E-mail me kelly@atlantispool.com

Landa Mac,

I truly hope you've never taken any offense to a couple of my replies to you and would REALLY love your input on this matter. And if you have, I apologize but will stand behind my statement at that moment when I posted it and seek input on this elsewhere.

See ya,

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Rack Etear


TCHLNK-RF $ 1292
JANDY PLC1400-25 $ 521
JANDY 6614AP-L $867
RS-PS6 $942

Total $3622

520136 Load Center $382
520138 Intellitouch control panel $417
520500 ITC 15 interface kit $450.00 (quote not correct slightly high)
520554 IC20 Cell $450.00
520556 Intellichlor power center 273.80
520507 i7 personality kit $920.00
Ipad $500.00

Total $3,392.00

I'm not a jandy dealer so I'm sure I could shave at least $300-400 off their prices if I were one.

However with the intellitouch system you get a better controller, with more macro functions, a fully functional computer in the ipad. You can also control it from anywhere with internet from a iphone, or ipod touch, or PC.

You also get a nice fully functional wired keypad for that price.

So I would say advantage Pentair.

However for one stop shopping, the touch controller looks nice, but I know that pentair has a few products in the works that are pretty slick.

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Rack Etear

BTW I am about $2,250 for the TC-35 p/n 520502

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Well it turns out it was the counterman's mistake and mine too!!!
I told him to cross the equivalent Pentair to a Jandy Touchlink radio remote controller and he did. It was a TC-45 at 3300, I assumed that the TC-35, based on the 7" size, Landa Mac described in the reply as being a direct cross to the Touchlink radio remote.
His price on the TC35 was 2300 but he told me that this is a wall mount that's hard wired and not a portable radio remote. He said "It's kind of like a One Touch Aqualink indoor wall mount but bigger and with more features"
As you can tell I'm not really that up and up either on some of these new gizmo's. I've used Aqualinks with All Button hard wired wall mounts since the early 90's, and moved over to the PDA series radio remotes back in 2006+-when they came out because of not only the portability factor, but also because the the lesser amount of labor digging ditches for A&U for the spa side remote and the wall mount. In my game saving time means saving sweat and building materials, which means saving money on incurred construction costs.

I'm certainly not up to speed on Pentair's recent automation products but they are definitely cutting edge. But if I'm interpreting this info from my wholesaler correctly then the I-7 w/radio remote, IC-40 SWG, their power centers and the radio remote TC-45 Pentair Touchscreen Logic is still way over double the price of the Jandy radio remote touchscreen.

Obviously the price of enjoying the most current techno/wizzo gizmo's for a new buyers pool regardless of the manufacturer has exceeded the limit I used to spend on a good used work truck. I'm still SHOCKED that the Mfg's are issuing price increase notifications. Don't they know that the prices of computer stuff has dropped every year and that we're in a recession. My loss in sales dollars by percentage to prior years is now as bad as it was in the late 80's during the last big recession.

See ya,

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Please bear in mind that the buying power of the dollar has dropped substantially since the current administration came to power. Gold has gone from the 800's to the 1200's per oz. and gold is the standard. The gold buys the same amount but the dollar sure doesn't. Look at a 5 year price chart to see it.

With all the cost reductions companies have put in place, while prices may seem to have not gone up a similar amount, this only hid the reality of inflation. Those of us in business have seen our profits and margins dwindling.

The increases in prices are going to get worse everywhere as there is nothing left to cut to reduce costs. The US government is BS-ing us that inflation is low. It's rampant and its world wide.

Sorry for sounding like Fox News but they are correct, despite being on the sensationalistic side.

Sorry for the hijack.


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Rack Etear

The TC 45 is a little bit more advanced, but is getting long in the tooth. Jandy does have a slight advantage there, but its always a game of one up. Pentair will one up Jandy's control, then jandy will one up again.

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Does anyone know if Jandy is going to become I-Phone/ Ipad compatible? Thank you

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