question on minor (hopefully) pool shell elevation issue

fyton2vAugust 29, 2011

I noticed that once my coping was installed (and it looks very nice) that pool skimmers looked like they were set unusually low. It's worth mentioning that I'm the owner-builder.

I've measured and leveled things several times and I think I've found the root cause. My masonry contractor started the coping off at the highest elevation point of the pool shell, which would seem like the right plan. Well it turns out that the high point of the shell is about 1" higher than the low side... which is most of the pool. The coping is nice and level and this is placing my skimmers about 1" lower than they should be due to the offset.

I imagine it's almost impossible to get a pool shell perfectly level, but here is the issue: This elevation issue puts the top of the coping about 4" above the top of the skimmer mouth opening. If I have an average of about 3.5" waterline, my pool level will be near the 5" mark of the 6" skimmer opening. Do I need to fuss about this? If my water level drops.. I'm golden. I'll need 3" of evaporation before I need to panic, but if it rains 1" my pool my skimmers are under water.

For you pool guys, does this happen often and what would you do about it?


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A pool overflow drain would seem in order.
I think my builder charged $100 for one, its a small metal grate installed on the top of the tile line about the size of a large credit card, tied into the deck drainage system.
Pool just overflows to it when it rains, works great.

Looks like this:

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I have an overflow drain, but at the moment it's installed just below the coping near one of the skimmers. It's a small overflow with an opining of about 1/2 inch... and the whole opening is above the top level of the skimmer so it's not going to work very well.

It just feels like I need to change the elevation of the coping somehow to make an accommodation for a lower waterline.

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