Jandy control board died; want to integrate HA; advice?

hamwAugust 5, 2011

Had a failure of my Jandy PDA mother board for my pool. It has Pure Link Standard Power Center with salt water chlorinator, a couple of relays for valves, pump (single pump operating both pool and spa), breaker panel and heater control. I have a home warranty (AHS; have read about them both good and bad; opinions welcomed) and am hopeful they'll let me put in what I want, not just replace the board directly.

I've been wanting to add the pool to my home automation system, and I'm thinking this is my opportunity to go RS232. However, it looks like to do so I need a wired controller (not sure) as well as the RS232 mother board and the RS232 control module. Assuming I get the mother board replaced under warranty, what would be the best route parts-wise? What is typical Jandy pricing and are there alternative sources?

Another possibility is to change completely. Would anyone recommend going with different pool control unit, e.g. Pentair? I am not in a price-is-no-object situation, but if the Pentair is substantially superior it may be worth investigating. If anyone has pricing info for either the Jandy or Pentair so I can get a sense of expenses that'd be great.


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Call Edwin with Regal Pool & Spa he has plenty of experience with Crestron systems and all other types of HA.

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Good luck with the home warranty working with you. It has been my experience that they will only put in the cheapest item that brings the broken piece back to a functioning state. At best they will replace the internal mother board on the Jandy control board. It is doubtful they will give you credit towards something different. Unless they subcontracted a PB for the work and he is willing to work with you directly. In my 13 years of experience in 4 differnt homes the AHS warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on.

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