Novalis flooring going down and looking great!

citymomof3May 23, 2008

Well, we're finally putting down the Novalis vinyl planking and I have to say so far I am really singing its praises!

I was really worried at first. We got the slab really clean and rolled on the latex floor primer. It didn't seem like these could possibly stick. We worked until about 11:30 - it only took a little over an hour to lay the family room! I was half expecting to get up this morning and have it all curled up! But it isn't!

We're doing the whole main floor, so it's a big job with lots of furniture moving. I will post more pics when finished! Thanks to everyone who posted information on this awesome flooring!

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Wow, it really looks great. Can't wait to see all the floors finished.

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Me too! Too bad it doesn't install itself. That would really be great!

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The family room looks gorgeous. Is there a color name to that Novalis that yoou picked.

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We chose the 'golden oak', but there are three other colors. I have not been able to find a negative review on this stuff. I didn't find it to be as sticky as I thought it would be. If I stick my fingernails under an edge piece, I can pull it up with some effort. I tried it a few minutes ago to see how well it was stuck down. I *looks* stuck and the edges aren't curling, but are you supposed to be able to pull it up? Did we do something wrong?

I am going to post on the flooring forum to see if anyone there has any thoughts. We cleaned the slab REALLY well and primed it with Henry latex self stick tile floor primer, just like it said to do. But maybe we didn't put it down thick enough?? I am still scared it's going to come up!!!

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It is looking great. We are getting ready to put Gunstock down in the office. If we like it we are also going to use it in the family room, too. Can't wait to see the finished floor.

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No worries now. It seems really stuck. I think! We are in the process of ripping up old linoleum and I think my dh is going to divorce me. We went and bought a $10 heat gun and it's coming up slowly with the help of the gun and a flat edge shovel. Yikes! It always gets worse before it gets better. Right???

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