2 granites, 2 cabinet colors, & a backsplash border...?

homebuyer23March 18, 2013

Its early for this, I haven't ordered cabinets yet, will be soon, but I spent some time collecting samples this weekend to get inspired so if you have time to look and post, what do you think of this combination?

Perimeter cabinets - Shaker style Dove White
Perimeter counter - jet mist (sample is honed but I like polished too).
Island - Maple stained coffee
Island counter - Bianco antico.
Backsplash - just the white brick subways, but maybe with the little mosaic line.
Floor - already in, golden oak.

I'm pretty sure ALL of these things together are a bit too much. (Or, does it work?) I don't know which to eliminate though.

The mosaic. Seems the easiest to ditch, but it really ties in to and brings out the beauty of the bianco antico to me and made me like it even more than I already did.

The bianco antico. The main thing holding me back is, I'm not sure why I like it so much since I have for quite some time not been a fan of busy granites. But I really like the color tones in it and, its the most affordable stone I've been interested in. I'm afraid of having 2 huge counters of it though and later wondering, HOW did I end up with all this busy-ish granite?? But right now I really like it. Esp with those pretty little metallic tiles near it that pick up the colors perfectly.

The jet mist. Love it. But. ALL jet mist, just seems like a lot of dark counters; I don't know if I'd like it on the stained island, I tend to like dark counters on light cabinets; and I'm torn on maintenance of dark honed finish vs streakiness of dark polished.

The stained island. Thinking about it, but really scared of white painted island, its really long (36"x120") so I feel like that's a lot of white, and, I have a 2 year old boy. Many years of paint chipping to come.

The white perimeter cabinets. Well, just can't, have to have them somewhere!

So...thanks for reading my word-y thought process, just would love to hear anything at all you think about this combo!

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Well, that is a lot of elements, isn't it? It's a pretty big kitchen, I gather? I think multiple elements work better in bigger spaces.

While I like all your choices, I do think it may be a bit too much and I think what's really too much is the two granites. What do you think about picking the one you really love and then using it everywhere or picking something that will read as a solid (quartz, a more solid black, etc.) for the rest of the counters? I tend to like the "busier" stone on the island and the more reserved counter on the perimeter but either works.

I would also probably ditch the mosiac, but it sounds like you really like it. Maybe if one of the counters were toned down you wouldn't feel like you needed it to tie everything together?

I'm no expert by any stretch ... just an opinion from a kitchen lover.

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I generally think it sounds nice (as I'm also considering similar colors/finishes), altough I'd wait on deciding on the mosaic part until the rest was in and you could see it in person to decide if too much. I also wonder about the BA and the Jet mist. The BA is brownish, tannish and the JM is blackish/greyish, and they don't seem to go together to my eyes on my screen.


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I like it .but I would do a lengthy search on houzz for"oversized kitchen isalnd" or "extra long kitchen island" or "large kitchen island" or "long narrow kitchen island" and see what people have done because of an oversized dimension that you too are dealing with. Like- wood at the last 3-4 feet in the lesser used spot-or some other way that the design statement of size integrates into the overall space. Also criticial is what lighting will hang over the island-or a few different types-cans and something decorative-you'll pick up cues on that while searching also. I think the choices shown together look formal actually..if that's your leaning,okay, but wasn't your space quite open and integrated with the adjacent spaces?.....you can take it different ways.... image searching helps before you commit.

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OMGosh! I could have written your post! I am going with the same color scheme but am using quartz. Cambria Blackwood on the perimiter and Bellingham on my island. And I agree with legallin that you need a black that has some brown in it for the two to work well together. On my screen your mosiac seems to have some brown mottleing in the black and looks much warmer than the gray/black of Jet Mist.

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Sherrie Moore

OMG! Me too! I am doing a kitchen remodel with almost the same elements. Except not doing any detail on the backsplash. I think it will be beautiful. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures!

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Sorry, Bianco and Jet mist? No, no, no.

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The stone colors do not relate, while the patterns clash. Not good.

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While both granites are beautiful, I do agree that the undertones in both don't complement each other. I would look for either a light granite with the black/grey undertone/accent or a dark granite with a brown undertone.

As far as mixing the 2 different cabinet colors and 2 different granites, its done all the time and looks fabulous (IMO). We have it in our kitchen. We used River White for the merlot w/ coffee glazed island and San Gabriel Black for the white w/ pewter glazed perimeter. Our floor is red oak with just clear poly. Our kitchen is 12x21 and the island is 4.5x9 for a scale reference. Here's a couple pics for you:
Finished Room-

During construction without the stools and kitchen clutter in the way:

I would wait on the backsplash for now to see how it all gels together once the cabs and granite are installed. Seeing things on the plane they will "live" in and on the correct scale can be vastly different from small sample boards placed in close proximity in a vertical position.

Hope this helps!

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I've heard of a general rule of thumb to either have 2 counter materials or 2 cabinet finishes if you want the kitchen to look integrated. That might alter in a larger space, but it still becomes important to consider how the materials relate. I agree with those who have suggested that your perimeter choice doesn't relate to your proposed island granite.

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Thanks everyone!
Looks like I need to go back to the stone yards!

I thought maybe the polished jet mist, not my honed so much, would tie in more with the Bianco antico. The Antico in person is much whiter than it appears in the picture,, and there are a lot of pewter/gray tones in it which I thought might tie in with Jet Mist.

Mydreamkitchen, thanks, you definitely pulled off combining the 4 finishes beautifully!

I tend to agree with Steph2000s rule of thumb about either having 2 counters or 2 cabinet finishes. Mainly because I am scared of combining more and having it look incohesive. My kitchen also will have a fireplace at one end which is currently brick and is another huge choice I have to make. We want to add built ins and possibly cover the brick entirely, or add a mantle & new screen, etc, so I do want to keep things more simple.

I don't think I want to give up a stained island, so that leaves me with trying to find a counter that works on both.

Would you do jet mist everywhere, even on dark cabinets?
Would you do Antico everywhere, even though its a bit busy?

Legallin, sumac, buckeye....you all said you were planning similar finishes, would you mind sharing what they are/inspiration pics you used?

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Debbi Branka

I think 2 cabs and 2 counters is just fine, as long as they compliment each other. It seems like you should look for something in the gray family instead of in the brown family. I have white perimeter cabs and blue pearl granite with a navy island and statuary marble top. I love it and wouldn't change a thing, but I planned everything to compliment each other. (Sorry if I keep posting my island, but it fits the scenario here.)

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