November block

nannykinsApril 13, 2012

Kate, you are suggesting light and darks of blues, greens and purples. Does this mean that instead of a block which is half neutral colour and half blue , for example, that the block be half light blue, half dark(er) blue? I think that any Depression block I have seen, usually has a neutral in the block. And the one in Quilter's Cache is like that.

Does my question make sense to you?


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Your question does make sense and I know many Depression block quilts use a color along with neutrals, although many are scrappy lights and darks of any color. For this one I did mean lights and darks of blues, greens and purples - without using neutrals for all the lights. I think it would be pretty to see the whole quilt in those shades, all mixed together but with the depression block pattern of lights & darks. In my vision of the quilt, the lights are very light so the pattern is distinct.

However, if the group wants to alter this one, post your opinions here and we can change it. Plus, I think the blocks would still go together and be pretty if some neutrals were mixed in so if that's all you have to use, then go ahead and use them.

Mostly I wanted the November block to be a simple one because I know how busy we all get during the Holidays. Simple, classic, pretty and very usable.


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Thanks Kate!
I was having a little trouble visualizing it but now it is clear.

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Bonnie Hunter uses the color and shade of a grocery paper bag /sack as a reference for determining the darks and neutrals no matter the color. Purples, blues, and greens will make a stunning scrappy quilt if the colors are divided 'lights' and 'darks' using these colors only. The lady next to me in Bonnie's workshop used only blues, purples, and greens - lights(neutral) & darks as her colors and her blocks were gorgeous. The contrast between the dark colors & the lighter neutrals in the same blue-green-purple light colors was dazzling.
To be clear ....... no whites or creams or this correct? Lt Blues, lt purples, and lt greens to be used as the neutrals. Yes? (Or am I confused?)

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My preference is for light blues, light purples, and light greens to be used as the neutrals. That's correct. But I won't send any blocks back if some true neutrals (whites or creams or beiges) work their way in.

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