mismatched kitchen appliances

differentdreamerMarch 17, 2013

I hope to put our house on the market later this year. But even if I don't, I need to replace the refrigerator and range now. I intend for the appliances to convey with the house. (What I really want, I can't put in this house, so I don't particularly care to take the ones I'm about to buy with me.)

Do potential buyers look askance at a kitchen with appliances from different manufacturers? What about a mixture of stainless steel (range) and white (refrigerator)? The cabinetry is medium oak, which I'm not going to change, with a mottled white and grey granite counter. For my own use, I'd rather pick by function than form. It's not a large kitchen and it is open to the family room.

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If you know you are going to sell I'd certainly buy the same color appliances. Manufacturers not so much, but color for sure.
Why even consider otherwise?

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Sophie Wheeler

They need to be the same color, but not the same manufacturer. And they shouldn't be wildly different in price range. If you have a Profile DW, then you shouldn't put in the cheapest $300 coil top range. Keep things to the same level and it will be fine.

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Personally I would not replace the appliances, but if I got the price I wanted, maybe offer something off for new appliances if it made the difference between sold or not sold. But that I am not fussy about matching things.

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You don't say what price range you are in relative to your market. Chances are the new buyers will replace appliances and other things to their own taste, budget permitting.

Simply for sales appeal, if I had to replace applicances now, as you say, then I'd get matching refrigerator and range, harmonious with counter top and backsplash, just to maximize eye appeal. I'd stay with middle-low to middle grade appliances (if you can afford these), since in all likelihood they will be replaced by the new owners.

The goal for selling a house is to get potential buyers emotionally attached to the house, which may be more difficult with non-functioning and/or mismatched kitchen appliances. Of course, it all depends on the price range you're in and the comparables.

Good luck with your project.

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I would say, a combination of a SS gas range and all other appliances white would be acceptable; any other combination would look like a mismatch.

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It depends a bit on the kitchen layout and cabinets. In our case we have white cabinets in a small kitchen and we have SS range and fridge, but went with a white DW because it blends in to the cabinets. And they are not the same brands - Frigidaire fridge, Whirlpool range, and Bosch DW. With your kitchen having oak cabinets I would definitely stick to SS, it shows better.

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Thanks for everyone's opinions. I ended up just getting white for both range and refrigerator. I think the stainless range would have looked better, but the grey sides of a stainless refrigerator would have looked worse. And, all of the drawer pulls are shiny gold, and I'm not going to replace them, and the gold wouldn't have looked right with stainless.

Now if I could just convince DH that emptier closets sell better that full ones....

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