update on my kitty

Sally BrownleeMay 8, 2013

Well, after a really good morning yesterday, I came home to find him yet again extremely lethargic.
I decided to take him in again.
(His lethargy turned to outrage when he saw me get the pet carrier out!)

The vet thinks he has a UTI...gave him another round of sub-cutaneous fluids to ensure he keeps fluids going in and out. But he assured me he did not think he was in any pain.
He thought the antispasmadic drug was making him a little zonky. Told me to cut back to one a day.

So today is a new day. He seemed again this morning to be is old self, purring and snuggling.
We'll see what tonight looks like.

( i am going to have to devote some cuddle time to SO and the 2 other kitties, they are all acting like I forgot they exist...yes my 58 yr old SO is jeaous of a sick cat. >)

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

The picture is not current...

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Oh, he's so pretty! Hope he continues to improve

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I understand, completely. I hope he is soon feeling like his old self.

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He's so beautiful. Hope this episode will be over shortly and he gets back to his normal loving self.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Has the vet given him an antibiotic shot for the UTI? That is the fastest way to treat one rather than pills and we all know how hard it is to give a cat a pill! I always liked it when they gave me the liquid type with the little bulb tube that I can stick down in the mouth.
I hope he perks up soon and returns to normal.
I know how upsetting it is when they are off the norm. My little dog has been doing strange things the past few days and had us freaked out too but now seems to be ok. I think she ate a bug again in the Atrium! You would think she would learn bugs give tummy aches! She tried to eat a stink bug once OMG it was horrible I could barely stand to hold her while cleaning out her little mouth!
We love them all the same stinky or not!

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Glad to see he is feeling good today. If he acts down again he could need a stronger antibiotic.

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Glad to hear he's doing better today. I've been following your kitty saga here the last couple of days--I have so been there and done that! (I'm the lady who once had my vet paged and dragged him out of some basketball game to come see my kitty with a UTI emergency. It was one of those NCAA tournament things and he wasn't happy)

You know, sometimes the medicine for an infection can make a kitty tummy feel yucky, just a thought. Please continue to update us on how he's doing.

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Sally Brownlee

I think I have only a hint of how a mother feels when they have a child that is too young or cannot communicate.
They get sick and you blindly have to trust someone else to take care of them. My heart goes out to those moms that have the courage and strength to cope with children with life-threatening illness....I can only imagine.
I try hard to keep a healthy perspective, but he IS my baby.

Yes, my kitties have peed, pooped and thrown up on me. I keep cleaning it up and going on. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My Lucky is an exceptional cat. (Iknow, I know...) I got him at about 3 weeks old from the weeds in the yard. He was born with a deformed back leg and I think his momma abandoned him. So I became his momma. Bottled fed, cuddled and cradled him.
People that have seen us together have said "that cat is in love with you!" It's true. He sleeps like a baby in my arms,
and gazes into my eyes.
His favorite song is "you are my sunshine"
He comes to me when I call.
He waits for me at the door to come home.
After dinner, he wants me to pick him while I sit at the table. He just wants me to cradle him...no food.
I have a sling I made to carry him in...he likes to be in it when I do dishes.
Everynight when I sit to watch a little TV he pulls up as tight as he can beside me, I hold out my arm and he sits on his butt upright and leans against me and the back of sofa.
He gets carried to bed every night...And every morning is waiting at the bottom for his momma snuggle time.
When I take him to the vet, he hugs me, clinging like a toddler. I take him out of the carrier and hold him the whole time, even in the waiting room.
Even the vet says he is unusually loving.
He sits patiently on my lap when I trim his toenails...when his butt is dirty (missing leg problem) he lets me wash him.
When I am sick he never leaves me.

Can you tell I love the little guy?

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He sounds like such a sweetie! Would love to see a pic of you doing dishes.

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I hope Lucky feels better soon. Your bond with him sounds so much like the bond I have with my Magic. I hold him at the vet & he just clings to me. He thinks that mama's shoulder is his safe spot. He also wants to snuggle in the mornings. He likes for me to put my arms around him & he just starts purring.

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go to love the reaction to your s/o, lol....after 40 + years of cats dh has finally said no more..and really it was a pretty hard trip on ashley to il this time...she seemed to get car sick...

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You're both "Lucky" and it's clearly a mutual love. Good looking little fella and I hope he's back to himself now.

I know how it is with the carrier! Mine fights like crazy when I try to put her in it so I usually get it ready and set it door up and then pick her up, cuddle her a bit then set her in it and close the door on it trying to keep her head and paws in there as best I can. Strange thing is that once in there, although she's not happy about it, she settles down quickly. I think she just is nervous about leaving.

Anyway, it's tough to have to try to figure out where they hurt and what's wrong. With humans they can tell you where it hurts, or what's wrong, assuming you can believe them, but critters can't quite do that so you need to be able to interpret what they're trying to tell you.

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Sally Brownlee

Well, I think we have turned the corner!

About 3 am he woke me up to tell me he was feeling better.
He sounded like a lion purring in my ear and crawing all over my head. (it went on for almost an hour)

I am overjoyed to see him so alert and happy!

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salgal, you never answered our question on the type of cat litter you use. Honestly, that clumping litter can cause UT issues in males. It was sheer h-e-l-l watching my old man go through spells of irritation and pain to normal for 18 months until he passed at 18-1/2. If you are using any kind of clumping litter, I highly recommend you switch to a non-clumping formula. It will take some getting used to but Lucky's health is more important than ease of cleaning the box!

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Sally Brownlee

Oh, sorry dees. Yes I have been using clumping litter. Both vets(ER and regular) did not seem overly concerned about it but I have heard and seen enough to convince me to switch.

Did you wean them off...like mix half and half for a few days/week?

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Yeah, I think the clumping litter may be the problem too. I can't tell you how many times my guy went to the vet only to find no infection but pain and frequent urination, which just makes it worse. Males stick their "junk" down in the litter and the clumping stuff irritates the urinary tract. It can be a gradual thing and then one day kitty feels like cr@p.

I did not wean him off; cold turkey back to clay. Added one more litter box. I purposely did not wash out the box when I switched so some of his scent remained in the box but first change out, it got washed. No issues with transition at all. That's the beauty of cats; they know what the box is for!

My "new" cat (he's 18 months old) will only have clay litter to prevent any UT issues.

Please keep us posted on Lucky!

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