Are you quilting this weekend? April 20-22

lindaoh_gwApril 20, 2012

I am working on a quilt for an injured soldier this weekend. I hope to get it quilted early next week. Tomorrow I am going to a small quilt show at a church with friends.

Are you sewing or quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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I finished quilting a good-size wall hanging yesterday so I plan to put the binding on it this weekend. Not sure what the next project will be...I have several more tops that need quilting and I plan to make some things for the quilt show boutique soon.

Hubby is off tomorrow (supposed to be), so I don't know if he has plans that include me or not! :)


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I have a Saturday class with Freddie Moran doing a pineapple block and should be back to my machine on Sunday. I hope the class inspires me to start something, from a teacher who claims red is a neutral! She's done some wonderful, wild pieces you wouldn't believe.

I have painting and plumbing to do yet so might not sew till Monday.

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I finally have the center of the Tie quilt placed and ready to sew. After that, it needs to be squared up, the corners put in and then the binding. WHEW!


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I needed a mental health day so took today off and sewed. Worked in a trip to Joann's to use up some coupons, a romp on the golf course in the rain with the big collie dog (the sheltie HATES rain), a leisurely lunch and even a short nap. Life is good. In between I've done one more mini quilt and sorted out fabric for another mini (paper pieced chickens!).

I've been thinking about retreat and what I want to bring to work on there. I know it's early but I believe I'll put aside my Moda Ruby jelly roll and bring that along. I have a mental plan for the design of that quilt and it's simple enough so I only need one ruler and a small cutting mat.

Speaking of cutting... I treated myself to a new rotary cutter today!!! I was only going to buy blades but Joann had all their rotary stuff 50% off and I fell to temptation. This one has a better blade guard. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


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LOL, Kate, I kinda did that yesterday. Got to work and the power was out. They thought it could be several hours to fix it, and my office has no windows, so I couldn't even do non-computer stuff, so I headed back home. I called in about 11:30 and the power had just come back on, but I told my boss if she didn't care I'd just take a vacation day! So I quilted, went to Best Buy to check out Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet, had lunch out... I really enjoyed my day!


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I thought I had plans, but they fell through, so I now plan on finishing the baby quilt I posted about earlier...and weeding. After the steady rain we had today, they should pull right up.

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I put together two of the block lotto square I had won in past years - they turned out nicely.

Today, I hosted my neighbor quilt group and we cut & pieced a Quilt of Valor top and have the pillow case cut out. We started at 10 this morning and were done by 4:30 - including snacks, lunch and chatting! It was fun - there were only 6 of us here, but it turned out great. I need to get a picture uploaded, and will post it on another thread. One of the gals will borrow a friend's long arm and quilt it, then another gal will do the binding. WOOHOO!

Tomorrow will be an outdoor day since it's earth day and supposed to be 80. DH said we may go look at a couple of condo/townhomes too. After being gone for 3 months, I think he is wanting to downsize and not have maintenance!


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It was a rainy, windy, cold day here, so I felt no guilt at all about quilting all afternoon and evening. I have finished all nine of the large leaves from the Frieda Anderson's Blushing Aspens table runner. Now I have 15 small ones to do. It's turning out really well. I can't wait to start quilting it; I think it's really going to be fun.

Last night I bound the neutral-colored Simple Log quilt that I picked up from my LAQ last Sunday. I wrapped up in it today while watching TV since it was so damp and chilly.

Tomorrow is our chorus's spring concert. We are singing The World Beloved; a Bluegrass Mass by Carol Barnett. We will sing with a great local bluegrass band called Monroe Crossing. It was very hard to learn, but it's so much fun to sing and so incredibly beautiful. I hope the audience enjoys it as much as we do.

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It is raining here today, so maybe I can get my 15 mins of sewing in. I need to cut more fabric for the border for the Red & White Sampler top I made from the Lotto Blocks I won, but it will probably take me 1/2 hour to clear off a spot on my cutting table......grrrrr......

Lois, I'm sure your audience will love the concert - and more important that "you" love it! :) Enjoy!

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I got the border of SBQ "unpinned", straitened, pressed and basted. Then marked for quilting. There are 24 motifs and quilted one this morning. It will be such a blessing to get that finished, then just the binding. yah!!!

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I've been bent over the sewing machine all day piecing blocks for a quilt I'm making to use on my own bed.... Not following a pattern, just kind of doing my own thing... using a lot of bright colors and mixing batiks with regular material.... just 4 inch squares so it's really simple... took a couple hours to lay out all the pieces and get a design I was happy with... didn't have enough of some fabric, too much of some of the others, got the pieces laid out and the cat ran through them as he usually does and messed it all up... it's been a fun day, I haven't sewn in months and I really missed it. It was all I could do to tear myself away from the machine and turn on some laundry and dishes...

I really improved my sewing life today by doing something new... I set up a small table with a towel on it and used my small vintage travel iron so I can press without running back to the ironing board every five seconds and I can reach the iron from the sewing chair now.... I don't know why I never did that before!

Glad you all are getting something done too :o)

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The day is winding down, and I'm feeling good about the quilting I've gotten done. My main project this weekend was to get my crazy quilt done, and I only have to sew on the binding tomorrow, and it'll be finished. A while back I got this crazy idea to make a crazy quilt out of sections of fabric I had already quilted but never used. I dug them out, cut a few into squares, triangles, and odd shapes, and pinned them to the quilted backing I was using. Instead of making crazy-quilted blocks, I did the whole quilt at one time. Joann's carries quilted batting which has fabric on both sides, and it was perfect for this project. When I sewed each piece onto the quilt, I was also doing my quilting, doing two steps at once. I rather like how it turned out, and if I can find a way to put it all in one picture I'll post one tomorrow once it's finished. I made it into a longer queen-sized quilt. The only bad part about it all was trying to fit all that quilt into my little singer sewing machine when I needed to get into the middle of the quilt to sew a seam. But, even though I had the "help" of my two cats, I prevailed and it's done.
I think I'll wait awhile before I try this idea!

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Saturday I went to the quilt show with friends and had a good time. We HAD to stop at a quilt shop before coming home! More fun!
Today, Sunday, we went to Dayton to see the new grandson. We needed our baby fix for the month. He is 5 weeks today and is growing so quickly. We probably won't see him again until Mother's Day weekend. They are bringing him here for his first visit.
I did get the soldier's quilt put together and the borders are cut and ready to be added.
Linda OH

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I think I do better if I don't tell you all what I expect to get done, but just after the fact, what I actually did get done!!

We're in the middle of hockey playoff season, so that tends to take priority, and I can't watch that and quilt at the same time:(

I had my "Going Green" quilt in the works on the quilt frame, so I got that finished!! Then I loaded my Fall embroidery quilt and dithered around for awhile getting quilting stencils made. Got 5 of the 8 patchwork blocks quilted with the stencils...hope to finish those today and maybe I can start the stippling on the embroidered blocks. Have to find a vine/leaf pantograph for the borders.

Have a challenge quilt that is sitting on my creation table partially cut out waiting for me... I guess it's not due for another month! it will wait a bit longer. I think I'm afraid to start!

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I committed myself to hosting an engagement party for a wonderful couple we know, so I spent most of the weekend trying to get ready for a house full of almost 100 people on the 5th. So, I don't plan on getting to much sewing done in the next 2 weeks. I did get one block done on my Dear Jane and appliqued a little on another (it's almost done, too).


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