How hard/expensive is it to move plumbing?

marti8aMarch 13, 2010

If our kitchen were on the other side of the house, it would function sooo much better. We're on slab and the kitchen sink and dishwasher are on an outside wall.

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since you're going to the other side of the house, they should be able to tap into the plumbing from the outside and just trench up through your slab depending on how close to the wall of the house you place your sink. Definitley more expensive when on a slab.

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On the other side of the house? I'm going to say that it's going to be difficult & expensive. Not the water lines so much as getting the sewer connections in & properly sloped. Now, IF you have any plbg on that opposite side of the house, bathrooms maybe?, then possibly the job will be easier & not so expensive.

There are a ton of variables such as the distance you're talking about, where the outside sewer connections are, the type of flooring that will be disturbed... Call an area plumbing company, one that has a good reputation locally, and have them out for an estimate. Then, please come back to forum w/ what you've learned--valuable information for others who might be considering relocating their kitchens!

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No such luck to have plumbing on that side of house. There is a water line underground about 2 feet from it though that we could tap into. I'd also like to explore the possibility of using the gray water rather than having it go to the septic tank. Good idea to call a local plumbing co. I'll let you know what I find out.

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My guess is that you can run supply lines through the attic and walls -- doable but will add to your cost and will cost more if you are running across a wide ranch than a narrow Victorian or rowhouse. The harder part will be drains and possibly vents.

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Probably easier to lift your house up and turn it around on the slab.

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Goods news about having the water source really close. That's half the battle. Except for having hot water & that would be relatively easy to fix with either a small electric H20 heater or a demand use one.

Not so sure about the gray water from a kitchen. You may get into problems with codes, etc. Having a septic tank could possibly make the sewer problem easier. How far is the septic tank from the proposed new kitchen? With the sink on an exterior wall, maybe you could just run a whole new line to the septic?

This is sounding more & more do-able & shouldn't be hugely expensive, either. Esp. if you're dealing w/ a modest distance to the septic...or to a point where a new line from the kitchen could tie in w/ existing line.

Are you in south Texas? If so, that also makes it a lot easier & less expensive because of either having a very shallow or non-existent frost line. (You could also explore locating a small batch water heater in a closet on the exterior of the house if interior space is at premium?)

Good Luck! I'm anxious to hear how this turns out.

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Thanks ci lantro. We're in central Texas so still get to freezing a few of times each winter. I hadn't even thought of hot water, and am planning to check out codes.

May be easier to just move. We go back and forth. One day we're going to move, the next day we want to stay put if we could just make this house easier to live in.

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