Buying a house with a pool. Have some ??? PICS included

othertimeAugust 19, 2011


We are purchasing a house with this pool and had some questions. We are would very much appreciated some feedback on what we are getting into.

What we know about the pool is that it was built in 1998 and is a gunite pool. The pool pump is a Hayward sp2607x10 (do not know age) Raypak pool heater (appears to be original), retractable pool cover appears to be an Infinity 4000 automatic model. The pool appears to be built by Blue Haven pools, a sticker on the filter says this. I do not know the filter type or style, I am assuming a paper based particle filter not the sand type.

The house is located in Northern VA so pool season is from May to September. I assume I would just let the ambient temp and sun heat up the pool and refrain from heating it with the gas heater as I'm sure the gas bill would sky rocket.

I hear that every 10 years or so the plaster has to be redone? How does the equipment look? I know the heater looks pretty old and I am not sure if it even runs. Thanks again for any feedback.

Here are some pictures:

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The heater is a bit getting long in the tooth.As long as it isn't leaking, it would still be worth putting in a few hundred to fix. You will want it working for the spa.

The filter is a cartridge filter with four elements inside. Cartridges need periodic cleaning and degreasing. Elements typically last about four years and then are replaced. It's pretty easy to do.

The pump is a 1 HP and appears to have at least a newer motor. It might be a bit weak for the spa, depending on the number of jets in the spa.

The cover fabric appears recently changed.

The missing tiles may be due to the water not having been lowered for Winter. When the water froze, it expanded, popping the tile. Another possible explanation is they waited too long to reseal the expansion joint between the deck and the red brick coping. Water may have gotten between there, got wicked in by the coping mortar and met the thin set holding the tile. Tap the coping with a wooden handle or bat and listen for hollows, a sign that this may have occurred.

Your understanding of plaster is correct. This doesn't appear to be the original. Plain plaster has the shortest life span. There are many different plastering finishes available that have longer expected life spans.

Nice pool. Looks ready to swim in.



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Thank you for taking the time and giving me a detailed response.

The filter has a pressure gage at the top of it and the needle was pointing around the 10 o'clock position. I readed that as the filter gets clogged up the pressure increases, so this pressure gage is a good indicator as to when the filter needs to be cleaned out. Does that sound about right? And at what pressure should the filter need cleaning?

Looking at the pictures that have the pumps, filter etc. I do not know what the blue canistor on the left side of the pictures is or what it does (its labled smart thing). Also the grey canister labeled "air blower" I am assuming it blowes air into something but not sure what it does? The green canister filter located to the right of the main pump? I have no clue what that is?

Scott, good catch on the 2 tiles missing. I didn't even see that.

Also the two concrete slabs that surround the water skimmer catcher are raise up about an inch or so? What could have caused the slabs of concrete to rise like that. You can sort of see this in the 2nd and 3rd picture.

Thats good to know that you think this pool has already had the originial plaster scraped and a new plaster put on. I was dreading that if the pool needed when we 1st moved in.



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When the pressure goes up 10 PSI from it's clean position, it's time clean the cartridges inside.

The Smart Thing, I suspect is a magnet. Useless.

The blower, when using the spa, provides added pressure for a stronger massage.

The slab movement is likely from an ice heave. Water was trapped and froze.

From the pix, the plaster appears to be stain free. The real measure is whether it's smooth or a bit rough and crumbly, signs it's either older or acid washed to get rid of any stains.


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Thanks Scott, when we get in the house for the inspection I will check out the plaster and see if its smooth or a bit rough and crumbly as you have described.


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