Storing garlic

jasdipMay 17, 2013

Okay guys, where do you keep your garlic? I tend to buy a sleeve of 5 garlic bulbs, and put them in my cupboard in an open glass jar.

The smell of garlic is pretty strong, so I don't want to keep them in the cupboard. I've read where some people refrigerate garlic bulbs but have never tried it, and wouldn't think that would be good for it.

I just don't want the smell to permeate the cupboard and other food there. I have it on my counter now, and I get wafts of garlic. Guess I'll be cooking garlic-friendly recipes this weekend!

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I have some just sitting on the countertop right now but usually I put it in a little cardboard type container, like an empty cottage cheese container in the cupboard. I don't notice the smell either way. Of course the cloves aren't pealed. I have in the past pealed them and put them in a jar of oil and into the fridge.

When we raised garlic, once picked, they were put in net bags and hung in the garage.

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I keep mine in a handmade pottery "garlic keeper that has a few hole in it for air and a cork stopper. Top is big enough to put the whole head of garlic in it and if they are not large heads it will hold 2, sometimes 3. Personally, I think air needs to be able to cirulate around them and not refrigerated, which is why the mesh bag (lets them breathe) and the dry heat of the garage works. I've also read to store them in panty hose with a knot between each head of garlic so you can just snip one off when you need it. ???? Does anyone still wear pantyhose?LOL


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I've not worn pantyhose since the day I retired from teaching. I've done "soft-sculpt" crafting with most of mine. LOL

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I only buy one bulb at a time, I have a jar/bowl with holes in it no lid I keep it in on the counter and I keep a couple of shallots in there also. No smell and they keep several weeks~~

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

From way back when daddy had the farm he grew garlic so we had lots of garlic, they started freezing some of it, and I do the same today. I freeze both the entire garlic head or the peeled cloves I buy in a big jar. I find it keeps very well and is very easy to use. I use garlic mostly in cooking so it comes right out of the freezer into the food to be cooked. If I need to chop or grate it that is not a problem either. I have not noticed that it makes it any less garlicky and I have never had any get mushy or change texture. There are lots of methods of freezing but I just put it in a freezer safe container and put it in the door shelf of my freezer have been doing that for ever since I picked it up from mom and dad. Dad would also store some in burlap sacks hung up in the garage but they will eventually rot or shrivel up. No chance of that in the freezer. When frozen the peel just falls off of it when peeling which is really nice.

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That's interesting, Raven. I have quite a bit planted in the garden for the first time and the tops are beginning to die down, now. Unfortunately there's no where near room in my freezer for it. Did your dad let it"cure" first? I would think you would have to.

I was hoping RuthieG would chime in because I believe she grows garlic.

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Tupperware makes a container to hold the garlic. I just keep the small amount I use (around 1 head) in it in the refrigerator Seems to be ok. Thanks Raven for the ideas.

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Wow, I'm going to try freezing some Raven thanks! I know ginger can be frozen and just grated into your recipes.

I planted garlic a couple of weeks ago and they are sprouting. I thought garlic could only be planted in the fall, but I bought some heads for spring or fall planting.

Now I'll have to read up on what to do with it, for a successful crop. Any garlic growers......feel free to chime in and give me some advice! LOL

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just pulled out some frozen cloves and put them on a plate and took a picture, you can see that they are frozen. These are peeled.

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Great tip Raven! Thanks. I'm going to do the same from now on.

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I keep mine in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator - they last forever.

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