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secsteveMarch 12, 2010

The wooden fence we have was repainted last year, but I see the painter missed areas. To further complicate matters, there are sections that are rotting and will need to be replaced. I'm talking major sections.

We're thinking of tearing down the white picket fence and replacing it with an invisible fence for our dog. Overall, it's not in good shape and we are in the process of trying to landscape the back yard. We can either dump the dirt in the front and haul wheel barrows full of dirt to the back, or if we remove the fence entirely, dump it closer to where it's needed.

My question concerns resale value. The fence helped us make our decision, but two of the neighbors now have invisible ones.

Does it make a difference to people or not? I know we can always put in the listing "invisible fence" for those who own dogs and are looking for a fence.


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I would have to have a fence...but...I live in Aust and we always have fences, can't even begin to imagine living without one.

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I would also have to have a real fence. I would not use a shock collar on my dog and even if I did, while the fence may keep my dog in, it certainly won't do anything to keep any other animals or people out of my backyard. Where I live in Dallas, fences are pretty much the norm. So I guess it would depend on where you live, but personally, I'd just repair the fence. You could always tear the fence down, dump the dirt in the backyard where you want it and then rebuild the fence.

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Fences aren't just for dogs. Most people with children would also like a fenced in back yard. Most people who like to eat on the deck/patio also appreciate a little privacy. In general, most buyers would prefer a fence vs no fence. If you are concerned about resale value, you should repair, not remove, the fence.

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Where I live, a rundown fence would hint at neglect of the property, while absence of a fence just means the buyers will have to install their own. If two of your neighbors don't have fences, apparently it's acceptable in your area.

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It also depends on size of property...Fences on small properties provide privacy,on larger properties,they aren't necessary to do such

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Fences give you privacy and that very often can be a determining factor for many folks moving into a new neighborhood.
Personally I like fences and would incorporate one into the landscaping. They not only make good neighbors but they also deter would be crooks from wandering thru the yards.

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Not sure whether the dumping of dirt is your real problem, but if it were me, I would just take down 2 section of fence and 1 fencepost and have them go through that way, then put back the fence if you want.

not sure why having children is a problem with the invisable fence, just need more collars.... just kidding!

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Repair or replace the fence.

IMO shock collars should be outlawed.

First and foremost, as mentioned above, they do not protect your dog from other animals...making them easy prey...as they will face a shock if they try to escape.

Second, they have been known to cause fear aggression in many dogs, as they "see" they can escape, but they know it will cause pain so they don't...and therefore will feel threatened and defenseless against even other dogs that are simply minding their own business, walking past the property with their humans.

Third, many dogs, faced with fear or too much temptation, (other dogs, bunnies, squirrels, etc.) will bolt anyway...causing them to feel the pain of the shock, and then putting them in all sorts of danger from other animals, cars..etc.

Fourth, batteries can fail, as can the fence system...so it needs to be tested and checked on an ongoing basis..something that very few bother doing...and then it's too late.

Fifth, the dog is also more vulnerable to dognappers if they are a pure breed dog...and those who kidnap dogs for medical testing if they are not worth $$$...and of course, for dog fighting.

Last but not least, lets not forget those youngsters who feel the need to tease and torment defenseless pets...aka a captive dog that can't avoid the kids without causing himself pain.

I repeat, repair or replace repair the fence.

Your dog would thank you for protecting him/her in the best way possible.

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I entirely agree with logic.

I would also point out that many dogs will bolt and when they do bolt they often don't want to come back if they think they will be zapped again.

Invisible fences are a very, very, very bad idea.

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I have a dog and I bought a house in the last year. A house lacking a fence was not have been a show stopper for me, but an existing fence was an asset. And a partial fence is better than no fence at all because I can jury rig it enough to keep my dog inside it while I work on a more permanent solution.

I don't make a linkage between a dilapidated fence and poor maintenance of a house. A poorly maintained fence or outbuilding just means the current occupant did not make use of them.

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One advantage of existing fence, regardless of condition, is that to replace it does not require a building permit in most jurisdictions. Physical barrier for a dog is far preferable to electric shock methods. I would replace/repair the existing fence, perhaps even with something more substantial than picket fencing. Up to you, but the dog would thank you.

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Or, throw a can of white paint at the problem.

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Thank you everyone for the input. I wasn't wild about the invisible fence idea, but neighbor has one and suggested we might like to look into.

Fix and paint is the what we'll do.

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