undersink water filter that uses existing tap - "Full Flow"

feisty68March 11, 2014

I am very interested in this system:

3M� Full Flow Drinking Water System
Flow Rate 2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm)

It would eliminate the need for a separate filtered water tap (see diagram below), and the filters would only need replacing once a year. The flow rate is high enough that it shouldn't slow the cold water down.

Problem is, I am having trouble finding it in Canada (specifically greater Vancouver area). Only found a place that doesn't have an online store (http://www.aquasolutions.ca/hm_contact.html). Anyone know of a supplier?

Or - is there a better alternative?

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Depends on what you want filtered out of your water. Is your water contaminated? heavily chlorinated? High in iron or sulfur?

Or do you simply want pure-tasting water?

My husband put in a monster whole-house filtration system, and it was very costly, but we had coliform in the water as well as being exceptionally hard and extremely high in iron.

Linked is another whole house system, but not as extravagant or inclusive, but if you don't need all that other kind of filtration it might serve you well and NEVER need filter changes for the 500,000+ gallon life of the system.

We talked at length about this with other people, and it is an excellent system if you don't have contaminants or real high iron.

Here is a link that might be useful: whole-house water filtration

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Thanks for your help Greenhaven! We have lovely city water here. I'm really only wanting to remove chlorine taste so an under the sink carbon system is perfect for us. But I do want a high flow system like the one I linked to above so I don't need a separate tap.

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The taps can be a pain, for sure! We had one at our last house and had a big tank and booster pump working with it.

Hope you get some feedback on your product. The only other similar thing is the whole-house system I linked too. More expensive, probably, but you never have to change filters and it does not affect your flow rate at all.

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I am not sure how does it work? so if you want warm water you'd get half filtered water?

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I'm in Toronto, and I have been buying the Everpure filters from efilters.ca for years. I think that they also have 3M Aqua Pure.

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Thanks Sherri, but unfortunately efilters.ca doesn't carry that model.

Yulia, all the cold water goes through the filter. The hot water doesn't. Normally it's not recommended to use hot water for drinking or cooking anyway. Yes, if you were using warm water it would be half-filtered. For drinking/cooking I would use only cold water, which is what I do now.

FoxCrane has the Full Flow system installed in her beautiful new kitchen and she says she's very happy with it (in her reveal thread).

I ended up ordering it from Canadian Water Warehouse. Definitely not cheap, but I think it will be more practical for us. I had some kitchen floods from leaving our old, slow filter tap running while I was doing something and not getting back to it in time. Duh!

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