Granite Blue PebbleSheen in PHX Area?

evermoreuwAugust 23, 2010


My wife and I would like to see some real life pools with Blue Granite Pebble Sheen. We live in the PHX metro and are willing to drive. Would anyone have a pool to offer up for a sample?



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Call Pebble technology,
Since they are local, they have a list of pools that are open to get into.
If you cant find one let me know, my neighbor next door has that color.

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While you are waiting to see a Granite Blue pool in real life in your area, here are some photos of mine here in Florida.

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Hey, I am in west phoenix at 107th Ave/Camelback. You are welcome to see my blue granite pool. It is 3 1/2' to 10' deep so you could get a good indication of color at different depths.


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just-a-pb and azbabs - Will either of you be available either Saturday evening or Sunday? I'm going to try the Pebble Technology route, but if that doesn't work out......

sis3- That's exactly the color we're going for, just really want to see it in person to make sure the computer screens aren't deceiving us!

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I will be around this weekend if you want to come over. However you must like animals LOL. Dogs, cats, mules, horses etc... Feel free to hop in to feel the texture. I love my blue granite and think it is the perfect color. It changes alot depending on the weather and the reflection of plants/trees. Love all the colors. Click on "My Page" and shoot me an email and will give you my phone #.


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