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justmeinsdAugust 17, 2011

After YEARS of lurking here, we are finially starting to build our pool. Our builder was impressed with how informed I was since all of you educated me.

My husband and I had a hard time figuring out what we wanted on paper so we used the rock method of design.


Pool Overview

- 19' X 36' free form - 93' Perimeter

- 8'round, pool level spa with 8' spillway

- coping is cntilever concrete

- Decking is Kool Dekc - 1150 sq ft with 32' of steps

- Equipment

- Pentair Intelliflow variable speed pump

- 2 hp Pentair Whisperflow pump

- Pentair PNS Plus Filter

- 400,000 propane heater

- Pentair Ultratemp heat pump

- blower

- Easytouch control center and a remore

- 2 LED lights

- Desert Gold Pebble Sheen with shells added

- Baja Shelf

- Pop ups

- Cleaner

- 36' X 24" Raised Bond Beam

It really helped when people listed the costs to options so I am going to include some of the items we looked at. One thing you never see is just how much Sales Tax raises the cost of the pool. Maybe not all states tax it but it was an extra 3.5K for us. Since we are on a well, we also have to have water hauled in for the initial fill. Another 1K

- Flagstone coping - 2.4K

- Flagstone decking - $27.5K

- Pebble Sheen - 2K.. adding shells $450

- Pebble Fina - 1K

- Solar - 5.5K

- Kool Deck - $8.25 per sq ft

- Automatic Cover - 9K

- Heat Pump - 4.2K

Today was the start of our journey as they laid out the pool. It was interesting since we had additional input as to what it would look like. Forms go up tomorrow.


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I will try again on the photos. It has been a long since I have posted images

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Why heatpump over solar?

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We had wanted to put the solar on the side of the revine that runs through our property. But when we were looking at pools our pool builder had done, one issue with the solar that were brought up of was damage by the deer and just how bad they looked. My husband did a lot of research on solar over heat pump and decided that in the area we live for when we wanted that heat to work, the heat pump was a better option. We have hot summers (though not as hot as Phoenix, cold (including snow) winters and wind all the time. We will not be closing down the pool during the winter so we can use the spa.

Another thing we where thinking of that since we live in a windy area that we could be in a wind turbine later if we want help with the electric bill. We do live in a fairly low cost electric area so didn't want to go that far unless our bills really soar.

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If its cool out, forget the heat pump. That'll take an hour or more t heat the spa and may not be able to get it as warm as you like when its cool out.


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Scott, that is why we have the propane heater also. Solar has problems in the winter here also.

Today was a big day for us. It started off we taking of the top of the back hill to match the highth of the upper sunning area. After that they moved on to the main event....digging the pool.


The deep end is going to be 8'. We have started calling that part the shamu pool. That means that they have to dig it out to around 9'. In one corner, they hit a rock shelf around 6'. They spent all afternoon trying to bust it up. They have had some success but not complete. If the have to bring up a tractor mounted jack hammer, it will cost us another $1,800. They are coming back tomorrow to make another run at it.


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Sorry, I missed the 400,000 BTU line.

Why the 2 HP Whisperflow? The Intelliflow has more than enough power for the spa, assuming you have fewer than 12 jets.

If you put a Spa Command spa side controller in, you can raise and lower the temp and Intelliflow speed on demand.

You might consider two Intellibrites in the pool and one in the spa, not the 1 and 1 that I think you have planned. Your lighting effects will be much nicer.


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We are finially through all excavating...no more rock except for our diving rock.


Treanches are complete, equipment delivered and steel starts tomorrow.


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justmeinsd, how deep is your pool? It looks pretty deep below where that guy is standing there.

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Barbia, Right now it is over 9' but will be finished to 8'.

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Getting exciting now that the steel is in and it is beginning to look like a pool. Electrical and gas being worked on now. They are trying for inspection in 3 days.

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