Can I modify this lantern chandelier?

ctychickMay 24, 2012

I have come across the perfect chandelier for my foyer. The only problem is it only three bulbs @60 watts each. I'm sure that my foyer requires more light than this provides. Considering the large size of the fixture, I don't understand why it only accommodates low voltage lighting. I have scoured the internet in search of a similar fixture but, other than a gorgeous CU$TOM lantern, I haven't seen anything that I like nearly as much. I'll default to an alternative if I have to, but first I'd like to know if there's anything creative I can do to make this Pottery Barn chandelier work for me. Can I safely modify it in some way? What about using bulbs with slightly higher voltages? I'm sure (I've inadvertently done that with other lamps in my home with no issues.)

I've included a link the fixture below. And here's a picture:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn

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Even if it could be modified, have you checked to see if you can find higher wattage bulbs in the candle style? You can see if there are CFL bulbs with a higher lumens rating than the incandescent candle bulbs, but you might not like how they look and they won't be clear like the ones shown

I've always understood that using a bulb with a higher wattage increases the heat output to the socket and can be a fire hazard. But I'd check on bulb availability first.

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That's a total of 180 watts.....what makes you think you need more?

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It would depend on the foyer. Our previous house had a large 2-story foyer with a large chandelier. I think it had around 20 candle bulbs, so 1200 watts. We had it on a dimmer, but fully lit it wasn't blindingly bright. I prefer going overboard on lights/wattage and being able to dim them down, than the opposite and not having enough light.

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Definitely need more than 180. Like chispa, my foyer is two story and paneled in cedar, making it seem on the darker side to begin with.

Definitely don't want to create a fire hazard. I'm just wondering if there are any DIY'ers out there can suggest a way of replacing the electrical component to allow for more or stronger bulbs.

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You would just rewire the fixture with sockets, wire, and connectors that are rated for higher wattage bulbs.

Make sure you can find them, and the bulbs, before you buy the light. Check with a store that specializes in lighting components.

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The lantern might be a bit "insignificant" for a 2-story foyer. The chandelier we had in our 2-story foyer was probably around 4ft wide and 4ft tall. Traditional style with 3 tiers. Also think about how you will change the bulbs ... I was able to lean from the upstairs railing, use a hook to grab the chandelier, tilt it towards me and slowly rotate to change the bulbs. The original owner/builder should have added a motorized lift!

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agree you can rewire it to use higher wattage bulbs. that is the safe way to go.

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I just got two of those for our entry foyer with 10 foot ceilings. I love that lantern! I agree with the previous poster that said it will most likely be much too small for a two story foyer. It's the perfect height and width for our foyer ceiling height. I'd start looking at oversized lanterns. I know Circa makes several as do other companies like Currey and Company, etc.

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If you go to Pottery Barn's website, they show a great photo of that lantern in a single story entryway in front of a door. it looks great. I guess if you wanted to just use a ton of chain and hang it really far down it could work. But since there's no extra height to the lantern, it will look small. I'd definitely go for something with more bulk to it.

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laura mcleod

I agree - I think it sounds more like a scale issue than a wattage issue.

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OP here...

Interesting thoughts on the size of the lantern. It's actually a bit larger than what hangs there now (installed by the previous owner). Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my foyer so you can get a better sense of the look.

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Can you use additional lighting such as up lights or lamps in the room for extra light?

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