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abbycat9990May 15, 2012

We have spent 6 years and much $$ to revive our 1950 prairies-style ranch. The dining room is still looking unfinished to me, so I'm here to ask for help. The kitchen actually takes the space of the original dining room, and the current DR was formerly a den. The LR, DR and kitchen are all open and revolve around a central chimney monolith. Each room has a fireplace situated in the central chimney piece.

Here's the view from the LR

Closer in:

from the corner of the DR

and from the kitchen

The table is a Bjursta from Ikea, which is ideal because the space is relatively narrow. We cannot settle on seating, and we need ideas and style options (I think a bench on the inside). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Perhaps a pair of these chairs -- or maybe two pairs -- along with the bench? For a touch of pattern in the room -- and the colors work with the gray-blue tone in some of the bricks!

VERY cool and wonderful home -- LOVE the fireplaces! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: overstock -- patterned fabric chairs

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I LOVE your house! The chimney core is fabulous.

I like the idea of a bench, or maybe two upholstered host chairs at thet able. But have you tried a rug under the table? I think it would help ground that space. Maybe Flor tiles in a nifty pattern?

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teacats - love that style of chair! We've sat on several in different stores, but never found the right fit. I looked around the dining chair options on Overstock, and found a red leather set. Hmm...
jakabedy - You know, a rug could do it. I think we've avoided one mainly because DD8 still leaves a trail of food under her seat-LOL! Also, the table extends to accommodate up to 10, and so then we're getting into the expensive large rugs - or a custom rug, which we should have done when our favorite flooring store was still open.

So, we are not keen to paint again, but we would replace the floor lamps if we found something else we like. Any suggestions? Note - the house is now on the market, so we want to balance the staging costs with the reality of accommodating anything we buy now in a new setting.

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I like the chimney core, but those clocks (?) are lost against the brick. If you continued your art collection around to that side, and used clocks with more weight it would balance better. Or mount the clocks on a solid color backing so they can be seen better.

Some cushions on the hearth area for casual sitters in a 50's "atomic" print and those chairs would be lovely

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lazygardens - Those are mirrors from West Elm, and they are definitely lost in the brick. They were a temporary solution when we had a mantle (recently removed). Now we could use a larger piece in the LR, like we have in the kitchen.

And I actually have some atomic-y fabric for a hearth cushion project. Maybe I should get to it!

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I would not spend any money on furniture, rugs, etc. that might not work well in your next house. The most important things for sale are that the house be clean and uncluttered ... it looks like you have achieved that.

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chispa - Thanks for the vote of confidence. We sold/gave away much clutter/furniture/outgrown toys, etc., in the months before listing the house. I feel like I'm living in an episode of "Love It or List It?" - LOL! And while we'd love to sell, we're also content to stay until buying picks up again. I really do want to add art to the LR side of the chimney core though...

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