Pebble Tec finish, help please ! ! !

mokayAugust 20, 2010

Hello, we are right now in the building phase of our beautiful pool, for some reason I'm very nervos choosing the color for the pebble tec, I do like Caribbean Blue, Tropical Breeze, Tahoe Blue, Blue Lagoon and Jade.

So my favor to ask, is there anyone who would like to post some pictures in these finishes, has anyone used these colors ? I live in the Atlanta area and for some reason here are the very dark colors popular, which I do not like that much, it would be great to see some of the colors I mentioned above in more detailed pictures here in this forum.

Thanks everybody already in advance,


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Hi mokay. I, too, live in the Atlanta area. I struggled for a long while over the Pebble Tec colors. We ultimately chose Tropical Breeze and are very pleased with it. It is a very pleasing blue with little or no green in it and it has some of the shimmering bits of shell in it. Here are a couple of pictures. I hope this helps.

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Tahoe Blue PT...

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Thank you both of you for sharing your beautiful pool pictures, fantastic pools.
I'm so glad that I found this forum last night.
Wished I had found it earlier.
Have a great Sunday, enjoy swimming.

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Here is one more Tahoe Blue PT.

Here is the look on a cloudy day.

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Hi! We just finished our Blue Lagoon Pool and we love it. It varies from a nice, bright blue in the full sun, to a lovely deeper blue in the shade. It has no green and is just the right blue without being too bright for our taste. We live in Cumming, so if you want to come see in person you are welcome to.

I will also include the link to my photobucket with all the other pictures:

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@paradigmdawg and Boscolulie thank you so much both of you for your pics and comments.
Paradigmdawg love your waterfeatures and all the clean lines....what stone did you used ? Is it ivory travertine ?
@Boscojulie did you used Travertine ?
And what kind of color ?
I saw a beautiful pool this weekend with travertine stonework and feel in love with it, the color I saw was noche and looked really,really nice.
Very similar to what I've seen in your pics.
Again, both of you thank you very much for your time with this, this forum is sooooooooo great,

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Mine is actually shellstone. I wanted Travertine but the wife liked this better. It is somewhat porous and brittle but I like how it looks so natural.

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The stone looks absoult fantastic. Seems very similar to Travertine from the pic to me.
I decided today on Travertine in the french pattern color noche...also decided on the waterline tiles and pebblesheen finish, next week they will do the coping ,can't wait,so great to see all this coming togheter.

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@Boscojulie did you used Travertine ?
And what kind of color ?
We pretty much decided on the color noce but I still go back to to the color ivory or river, thanks for your input and help with this, mokay

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Here are a couple of pools with Jade PebbleTec.
I'm sorry I haven't noticed your thread, I started up both a Caribbean Blue and a Tahoe Blue PebbleTec pool this morning.
I could have got you some pic's, I'll look for some more pic's in this new computer after my grandson's 2nd B-Day party thats starting in 10 minutes.

I gotta run, Momma's calling for help, LOL!!!!!
See ya,

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wow, what beautiful pictures,question, what stone and color was used in the last picture ?
Right now we are puzzeling over the travertine color for our deck, for the poolfinish we decided on pebble sheen aqua blue, we had the chance to see a pool in that finish and fell in love with the they installed the waterline tiles,looks great, so nice to see all come together, but like i said, still nervous about decking color,
thanks for any input,

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The last 3 pic's were Arizona Buckskin, it's a beautiful color.
This pool had a lot of detailed rock work.
For the coping I bullnosed all the pieces. For the patio decking we cut 10 pallets of this stone into 16" x 24" rectangles for a half stagger.
The buyer was a ship Captain so I made him a Mariner's star compass for the center of his deck.
Here's a few more shots of the rockwork.

With a good rock guy and the right tools you can imitate the looks of the rock products such as travertine, shellstone, slate, etc...
that have been cut and routed at the quarry.

See ya,

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wow...I'm really impressed, these pools are pieces of art.
The stone work is so so nice, I'm very,very,glad after seeing these pictures
that we use a very experienced builder here in Atlanta with a great designer and fantastic stone guy.

I'm just returning from a wonderful pool they have build this summer.
They used the same travertine stone and it turned out fantastic,
I'm looking so forward to have them starting with the stones next week...

1000 thanks again for all the beautiful pictures, comments and info...

This forum is fantastic,
the only downside, I spend now most of my night sleep here.....

again, thanks,

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We are trying to find a pool finished with "Blue Lagoon" Pebble Tec that we could see in the Alpharetta/Cumming ( GA) area.

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did you go with tropical breeze? I live in atlanta too and the pool company does not have one to show me. Could I possibly come see your pool???? I would really appreciate it. We are in Johns Creek.

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Monae123, I live in Johns Creek too. I have Tropical Breeze Pebble Tec and posted pictures of my pool above. You are welcome to come over and see it, if you would like.

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I realize this thread is a couple years old, but we're building a home in Johns Creek, and hope to put in a pool shortly afterward. I've just barely started researching pools, and don't know much yet.

Will you let me know which builders are reputable, or from which ones you got quotes? Who did your build, and are you still happy with it?

Thank you!

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We built a pool with Atlas Pools 8 years ago. Atlas is still going strong. They are located at P'tree Industrial and 285. They have a retail store and are available to help with anything. Ongoing support has been great. I would build with them again in a heartbeat.

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