thin backing fabric question

rosajoe_gwApril 8, 2012

My sister has some fabrics she wants me to use as the backing for a lap quilt. I don't always prewash but I did this hoping it would help, but it didn't!

Thin fabric wears faster and I have heard of people using a thinner piece of fabric underneath or doubling the fabric.

But, does this really help the fabrics from wearing faster?? I have search the Net and have found sites doing this for applique but nothing for backings.

The quilt will be quilted in 1" cross hatching so I have no problem with it shifting , just don't want to use it it if it will wear too fast.


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Sounds like a valid concern to me. If it is going to wear and be weak, then with all that quilting you could end up with a quilt in tatters!

Can you talk her into something else?


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Don't think I'd trust it myself. Maybe others have more experience and will chime in.

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My gut is saying find something else.

If it's thin, doubling it up isn't going to help keep it from wearing...just that there will be another layer underneath the first hole.

With a lot of quilting, this may actually encourage it to wear faster. You're putting more holes in the already thin fabric with all those stitches, so causing more areas of weakness.

I'd explain to sister that you've worked really hard on this quilt and want it to last her a long time. The current backing fabric isn't likely to allow that.

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Thanks, my thoughts were the same!!! One of the ladies at her church told her if you doubled the fabric, or backed it with a thin muslin, it would not wear out as fast.

She also told her when you wash the thin fabrics it will make the weave draw closer together. I easily disproved that theory lol!!! Some fabrics may, but this one did not.

I told her I'll make her a table topper and some placemats with the material.

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I don't think I have ever heard of a quilter putting 2 fabrics on as a backing? You're the quilter, Rosa, you tell her what you will do! I wouldn't want this mistake to come back to me and bite me in the you-know-where!


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I agree with everything said. We put too much time and effort into our quilts to use any fabric that we have doubts about. I'm sure she will understand.

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Thin well.....thin fabric! It will definitely wear out very fast from abrasion or rubbing. Anything that touches it is producing some degree of friction, and wearing away the fibers. Do not use it!
Think about a worn single fold binding on a quilt on the straight of grain. Now think about the entire back of your quilt after a while, that is made of thin, loosely woven fabric that you have punched holes in all over it--it will probably rip and fray pretty quickly. Don't even think about tugging on it :)

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