Pool pump motor dead?

dag63August 6, 2008

When I got home from work this evening, I noticed that the sheer descent from the spa wasn't looking right. It was sloshing around, even though there was no wind. The jets were also bubbling quite a bit. I went to the equipment and saw that the water was filling sporadically. I assumed that there was just junk in the skimmer baskets. I shut down the pump and emptied the baskets (which were full). When I went to turn the pump back on, it hummed but nothing else. I checked the electric master switch and the breakers. Everything looked fine. I turned the pump on again. Nothing. Not even a hum. The panel on the heater lit up (and read "Off"), so the electric appeared to be working. To the untrained pool-owner, it doesn't look very good. Is my pump dead? Can I replace the motor, rather than the whole pump (cheaper option). Help!

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If the pump motor just hummed, you probably blew out your start capacitor. That is the classic telltale sign. Then when you left the pump sit there without running and unable to start, you probably blew the run capacitor or you may have thrown the circuit breaker. You can replace them if you know how to work with electricity and electric motors. These capacitors are usually in the piece that sticks out on the electric motor. You should have them checked first before wasting money on replacements. Most basic motor supply companies will probably check them for you for free. Check http://www.grainger.com for the parts on line.

However, you also need to take the motor off the pump and make sure that the real, "initial" problem was/is not because the impeller was clogged/jammed. In fact, you should double check that first. It may just be jammed with a rock or something and thats why it won't run. You can troubleshoot the motor separately from the pump housing to see if its the problem.

Consider this all to be a fair amount of work though besides just some basic checking to make sure the impeller is not clogged with something simple.

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