what can you fly with for the retreat?

rosajoe_gwApril 3, 2012

OK I'm blaming it on tinytina (Kristene) lol, but I am excited for my first retreat. I have had so much stress this last year and I'm so looking forward to hiding out with my quilty friends!!!

I have told my family, come h*** or high water (an old fashion saying I still hear around here) I am going to the retreat!!!

I could drive but DH doesn't want me to, he said he would feel safer if I fly.

So I had planned on taking hand work. How do you pack (and what) to fly??????


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Rosa, I can bring a featherweight for you to use if you want. Sharon and I are planning to drive so I've got room for a few extra things.


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Kate, thank for for the generous offer, but I really enjoy handwork and it will be a great oportunity to work on my 'Over the River and Thru the Woods'.

I'm just so very excited that going to the retreat is going to be my top priority!

The last 2 years I have wanted to go and something has come up. NOT THIS YEAR LOL!!!!!


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Surprisingly, you can fly with scissors and a rotary cutter. They don't seem to know what they are. I took pins, needles, cutters and seam rippers without any problem. And, if in doubt, you just check the bag. Boy, we're going to have a house full this year! What fun!

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Rosa, you have email!!!


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Last year I flew with a pair of medium size scissors in my back pocket of my jeans (I did not know). Understand, I got the complete - very thorough front chest pat down after also going thru the body scan......but did they take away or say anything about the sharp scissors in my pocket - nope! I found the scissors the next day in my pocket!

On my trip home, both pieces of checked luggage had been unpacked, examined and repacked-including refolding 9 yards of wide batik! And I stopped the security line while they questioned my featherweight - that had the needle removed.

Ya just never know! That's what makes flying scary - what the crazies can get on a plane! :~)

Oops! Did you mean how do you pack to avoid this? I thought I had. Bonnie Hunter said she thinks the rulers in the suitcases cause the searches. She collects the TSA notices.

I plan to pack much lighter this year - toolgranny will be happy! I will send a package to someone - Kate??? -- ahead of time that contain the sharps and some stuff.
I will carry on my Featherweight again. I will bring less stuff.......I promise Linda! My plan is not to check luggage.

I am so excited already! Rosa, last year I had a very stressful year, and decided to go at the last minute - getting away to this retreat was so helpful to me - just to be with like minded friends, who expected nothing of me - it was so refreshing.....I had a new lease on life after I returned home!

This is exciting to be planning this so early.

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I'll make my yearly offer to pick up anyone flying into RDU (Raleigh/Durham) or Greensboro (PTI). Rosa or anyone else, you can feel free to mail me anything you don't want to take on the plane.


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I can receive packages and bring them as well.

Marsha~It'd be cheaper to mail to the next state rather than FL!

I will not be bringing Baby this year, so my load will be lighter, ie. all my own stuff! I expect Trish & I will travel together again, but there's still plenty of room in my truck for stuff.

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Thank you ladies, maybe Dan will go one year, or this one lol!!!

Marsha we had the same experience with a trip to AZ, I want to travel as light as I can!!!!

My sister travels a lot for her business and she told me they get very impatient when her lap top will not boot up!

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Last year I checked one bag and carried my sewing machine on in a small 21x7" bag. I did tell the people scanning my bag what it was so I think that helped. Scissors etc, went in my checked bag. On the return flight they told me there wasn't room to carry on my 21"x7" carry-on bag. I told them there was & the flight attendant laughed at the gate people. She said she wished everyone had a bag as small as mine! If you all can stand me in the same clothes, I will have more room in my checked bag for projects! (Unless DH decides to drive out in the RV with me).
I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Hiya Magothy,

I'm alarmed to read your story. If that ever happens again, you must pls. report it to the TSA & Airport!! I assume your scissors was metal. That you got though the scanners w/ it is alarming, did they not pass you through a metal detector?

By reporting that you found you accidentally went though w/ it, it shows them (1) their people are sleeping on the job & (2) maybe need to have the metal scanners re-checked for accuracy; (3) how to do miss a back pocket scissors on a pat down?

I'm a New Yorker & had trouble flying after 911 w/ just a small scissors & needles in a pin cushion. I was using a cane at the time & they almost tried to make me take it apart except I didn't know how. My then boyfriend almost turned purple when they started hassling me & my leg about the cane. I thought he was going to bust a gasket & jump the barricades when he saw how angry I was getting.

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