Backsplash opinions please!

tkfinn97March 25, 2013

Thanks for the invite, Bee! Can't believe I didn't think to post this over here to begin with instead of on Home Decorating. Hopefully I'll get lots of good feedback here :)

Hello all...I have mostly been around the "Building a Home" forum, and I am finally able to move on to "Home Decorating"! We built the house mostly by ourselves, and are doing projects slowly as we get the money and time. Although we are moved in, our house probably won't be "done" for quite awhile. Our next project is backsplash, and my husband is adamant that this sample is THE ONE...however, I would like some honest feedback from people who are good at this type of thing. I've seen way too many posts about backsplash regrets :) Our cabinets are cherry with mahogany stain, the painted walls are BM Manchester tan and continue through our dining room and living area (the rooms are all open to each other). The counters are laminate Girona Cavern. We plan to backsplash the 2 areas under the cabinets, and use stainless steel behind our future stainless steel stove. We felt that this backsplash might bring the stainless, paint and cabinet/counter colors together. So, what do you think? Too reflective? Too busy? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Welcome to the Kitchen forum! Your kitchen is beautiful and I like the choice for the BS. There are several of us on this forum that are working ona BS. Good luck with your project!

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I think this tile will look great with a solid sheet of stainless behind the range (as opposed to stainless tile, that would look too busy).

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Absolutely love your backsplash choice. I could be a little biased though, since I used a mosaic mix of stone, glass and stainless in my kitchen. The colors are just perfect with your cabinets and countertops. Don't worry, it will not be too busy or too reflective. (It maybe hard to photograph though because of the stainless).
Many on this kitchen forum seem to prefer more subdued, neutral and larger format tiles for backsplashes and there is nothing wrong with those but why not go beyond that if you can. And with your choice you can.
I have had my tiles installed for just over a year now and I do not regret my choice at all. As you can see in the attached photo I chose to only put tile behind my cooktop and range hood.

Here is what my tiles look like close up.

I like that that the tiles in your mix are even longer than those in mine. They will look fantastic. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen.

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I like how badger used the tiles as a focal point behind her range. That said, would I like it as an entire backsplash? Not so much.
But, this is your kitchen. I can see how your husband would like the tile. But you are only seeing a small portion of it. Here is where we can sometimes get into trouble. We are shocked when the whole BS is done.
My favorite muti tile backsplash is Sas"s. Different colors than yours, but it just all blends so beautifully.
IMHO, if you use stainless behind the range it becomes part of the stove's feature. It matches with all the other stainless and I don't think you have to have more in the backsplash.

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From the photo of your kitchen, your cabinets seem to be a more traditional style. The backsplash you chose is more modern. I think that the backsplash style you chose looks better with less traditional cabinet styles like EAM44 and badgergal posted. Are you going to put any hardware on your cabinets? If so, what will it look like? How are the rooms that the kitchen is open to decorated?

The colors of the backsplash seem to go well with the other elements in the room (except the floor isn't visible -what is it?). However, having that much of the walls covered with this tile would be too busy for me. You said that your husband really likes this tile - is there a tile that you really like?

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I like it, a lot.

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Thanks for all the great opinions and encouragement!

EAM44 - I definitely like the solid stainless behind the stove...that looks great! Easy to clean?

badgergal...beautiful tile! I love those colors...and agree that it looks awesome just behind the cooktop and hood.

ellendi...thanks for your thoughts...I too am still concerned even the spots under the counters may overwhelm the room.

juliet11...I think you've hit the nail on the head (the contemporary look versus traditional). I am going more traditional with the rest of the room...I would probably pick traditional hardware on the cabinets as well. The kitchen table we have is a long farmhouse table that is pretty rustic (diy). Our floors are stained concrete to look like large tile.

I haven't found a backsplash that I love, but I like the idea of picking a tile that is one color, similar to the color of the walls...maybe subway tile?

Is it possible to put BS on a piece of plywood and semi-temporarily attach it to the wall? Not sure how it would work with the outlets...but it seems I've seen that suggestion but haven't ever seen how it can be actually implemented. I don't mind spending the $ on the BS if we change it out in a few years, but I do mind having to spend the time on tearing it out...would be much nicer to just unscrew the sheet of it and replace it with something new :)

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Don't add any more brown or beige. I like brown and beige, but the lack of color and contrast is making it feel somber to me. What did you have in mind for adding color and texture to the other areas? Maybe thinking of what else goes in the space will bring in new ideas for the backsplash. I think the linear tile is too contemporary, but subway tile would be boring.

Is this your countertop?

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Yes...that is our countertop. I'm not sure what my "other" color is going to be. Since we have an open concept, I was thinking that I would get a different color couch...rust orange? Blue? Sage green? I haven't decided, but I do like the idea of working off those colors for the BS.

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I am so glad I saw this! I'm also remodeling - open floor plan and mahogany cabinets. I am terrible at making color choices and it's so hard to find mahogany kitchen examples, so I'm seeing helpful stuff here. I'm the other way around - I have the backsplash, but not the countertop or paint.

I'm going to check out the Manchester Tan. I like the Girona though I'm concerned it will be too dark overall. (I have basic 8' ceilings and my appliances are black v. 9'? and white?) I grabbed Antique Moscarello (?) from Lowes since it was a stocked sheet and that was not too bad...but then I 'deconstructed' last weekend to move things around. So anything else you came across that had more while, please let me know!

I'm attaching a picture of my bs - it's "Fire Sand Brick" from HD. It only glows when there's light on it, and the glass tiles are three shades in the red, yellow, green ranges. I used a chocolate grout, white might make them pop more.

Maybe this helps you...

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Closer up...

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I agree that the look is too modern for your kitchen. It doesn't fit with it. I also feel that stacked design while trendy, will date your kitchen, precisely because it is trendy.
I would use a more traditional tile shape such as subway, squares or diamonds.

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6" square tile set on the diagonal in a basic earthy green would be perfect. It's traditional, and contemporary at the same time.

Daltile Natural Hues in Sweet Pea

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You can use a thin stiff paneling on the back of the wall and screw it in to every stud top and bottom then use a stud finder to help locate the screws if you want to uncrew it. I saw that done a few years ago at a friends house and it worked well. They used a thin but stiff board that looked like real wood paneling without the groves. I don,t know what its called though.

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Sorry for the delayed movement on the backsplash front for now as we have come across different projects to work on, but I definitely appreciate all of the advice and opinions. I'll try to remember to update and post a picture when we finally make a decision :) your backsplash! So pretty and I love the depth with the different tiles. I think you made the right choice with the chocolate grout - makes it look less busy.
GreenDesigns...I really like that idea and love the color that you posted. I will have to check that tile out!
Madeyna...Thank you for the response on the stiff paneling. It would make me feel better if I did make the wrong choice that I could switch it out a little easier.

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