Need pattern for Quilt of Valor

lindaoh_gwApril 9, 2012

Last week 2 young men from our town were injured in the bombing in Afghanistan where 3 soldiers were killed. One was a boy I taught in preschool and is related to a good friend of mine. The other worked in the lab at our local hospital. Our small quilt group is going to make quilts for them. We are looking for an easy pattern that looks more complicated than it is. We will meet on Thursday and I hope to be ready to start working on the quilts.

Do you have a suggestion for a pattern?

Linda OH

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Look on the Quilts of Valor website. There are free patterns on there. Colleen

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Did you note the quilt that was post recently with the snow ball and 9 patch combination?? I think that could be done quickly and be impressive with patriotic fabrics.

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Disappearing 9-patch is quick and looks more involved. It can be done all scrappy with colors in consistent places, like white in the center and red in the corners.

In this one, I put red in the center square and then the novelty in the corners (so it wouldn't be cut up), then the other 4 spots were either white/yello/blue. If you only did one of those colors then the pattern would be consistent throughout.

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Here's another disappearing nine-patch:

I used the yellow in the center square, 4 other colors in the block corners, and white for the other spots.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I looked at the QOV site but only found four free patterns. Our quilt group just finished a 9-2-4 quilt for Relay for Life using black/white with a bright pink for the center. One of our members suggested it too. We will be meeting on Thursday to decide what to make.
I have been playing with different blocks in EQ7 today. So far, nothing has really jumped out saying, "make me!".
Thanks again for the ideas!
Linda OH

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I love this quilt ~ see the link below.
Also click on her free patterns - Carpenter Star would be another easy one that looks more complicated.

I am really sorry for what has happened to these young men.
They have my admiration and gratitude for their sacrifices.

Will they specifically receive your quilts??

Here is a link that might be useful: QOV Quilt

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Linda, Remember this one? Can't get much easier.....

or this one???

This is an easy one, too. The quilter quilted words in the white hugs and kisses on this one. Peace, thank you, flag, victory, etc.


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Sharon's blue one was the pattern I was going to suggest. You can mix red or white in the large center with blue edges or vice-versa. You can strip piece the blocks and it's very fast.

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How about just some simple stars? I did this one a couple years ago for QOV. This is a picture before it was finished but you can get the idea. If it's a group project you can have some less experienced quilters do 4-patches and others make the stars.


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First of all, I'm sorry about what happened to these young men.

Another easy QOV pattern would be the "Friendship Star" and could be done with white/off-white background with red and blue stars.
Quilterscache has an easy pattern.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quilters Cache friendship star

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Friendship Star, or the variation Next Door Neighbor, are great blocks and go together quickly. They would be good choices!

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