A little more brick? Opinions appreciated!

torquewrenchMarch 29, 2012

Hello all- I hope I can get others' opinions on whether or not it is a poor use of money to brick a portion of my home. (See image below) Part of the house has brick, and the garage is vinyl. I think it looks so cheap. We are one of the least expensive homes in the neighborhood. The cost to brick the front of the garage is 5K. If I sell within 5 years, do you think this would payoff? My thoughts are that it would improve the look of the house significantly when it comes time to sell. Other thoughts?

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I love brick, but I like it best when it's combined with other materials. Both our homes have brick applied to the first floor. But in the suburbs, the second floor is aluminum siding (was like that when we bought it 40 years ago), and the country house (rancher) has vinyl siding on the dormers, and 'top' ends etc. Both in white.

Homes that are entirely brick look a little boxy, and claustrophobic to me. And don't forget--brick catches and holds the heat--your house will be hotter, and the ac will have to run harder in summer.

I like the way your home looks as is, and don't think it will look better if it's totally bricked up. Honestly? I haven't seen any homes that are 100% brick being constructed for the past couple of decades so that always looks a little dated to me. I'd question, too, the ability to match the bricks you have--if they're even a shade off, it's going to make the house look cheaper, not more expensive.

The one thing I'd do with your home to improve the look? Is get rid of that awful gray siding. Gray, in and of itself isn't bad, but the way it's placed, it just looks like a patch job that doesn't match anything else on the house. I'd maybe replace just that with brick (or matching white siding), and stop there.

But that, as always, is just one person's opinion. You will surely get others who will/would like to see your house completely done in brick.

And remember what real estate experts always say--it's better to buy the worst house in a good neighborhood, than to have the best house in a poor one. You're in the driver's seat for selling, regardless, if you have the least expensive one around.

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Please forgive my horrible photo editing.

I think something along these lines would look good. Adding brick to the lower half of the siding, painting the siding a deeper richer color and painting your door a deeper red. Just some thoughts

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I agree that some brick on the garage will make it look more connected to the rest of the house. I like what aktillery is attempting to show you.

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IMO, painting the front of the garage (and that other small non-brick portion upstairs) to better match the brick is the best option.

Part of the problem now is the severe contract in color between the brick and the non brick parts. You can leave the sides and rear of the home the original color.

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Simple answer is NO, you would not recoup the $5000. At least not in the Charlotte market. Would it look better...YES. I would recommend tearing off the present vinyl and adding vinyl of a better color, or some combo of vinyl siding or shake...

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Thanks everyone for the insight. Just to clarify, the vinyl siding is not white or grey. It is light tank and dark tan. The light tan looks washed out due to the bright low sunlight. Also, I would have to replace the siding since it's vinyl. (which I'm ok with)

Based upon the input received, I put together a few crude bitmap images. Do any of these get your motor running? Thanks again everyone!

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I like the top left the best, the bottom right color is too orange, but may look good IRL with a real paint job.

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I like bottom left best, but top left is plenty decent, especially if the house (and the neighbors' houses) are just bricked in the front.

What does it look like if the photographer walks to the left a bit and you can see the left side of the garage? It might be a bit jarring if you just bricked part of the front but not the sides.

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I like the bottom right the best, but with a less orange siding color. Try a dark taupe color there. I don't care for the all brick garage.

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They're all okay, but honestly I don't think any are all that much of an improvement.

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Sophie Wheeler

Just make all of the siding the same color--a darker taupe--and leave off the brick. You'd have to pour a brick ledge and install a steel lintel above the garage doors in order to put on even just brick veneer. It's not worth the cost.

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We really cannot get a good feel with the garage door open. No idea what color the door is and how it flows with the rest of the home - before or after.

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I don't care for any of them--sorry. Brown or taupe siding with brick? Not a good combo to me. I like nice clean white with brick. And if you're asking what is going to make the house more attractive to the most number of buyers? I think you want to go with a standard combination--like the white with the brick--rather than one that a lot of people won't care for.

But of the 4 you posted? The bottom right, done with WHITE siding would be spectacular--and would be a house that many people would slow down to look at because it was so attractive.

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bottom right

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Have to agree with Sweet Tea - please post a picture with garage door closed.

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I would not spend $5k on additional brickwork - you will never see that money again. I would have preferred the whole wall where the garage door is to be brick - but too late now. The house doesn't really look bad as is. A less expensive way to dress the house up would be to add some shutters to the windows - maybe paint them to match the roof - or maybe hunter green.

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Ditto everything azzalea said: bottom right, painted white to match your mullions... that would be an eye-catcher to the vast majority of buyers!

You and I have similar toned brick, though mine leans to the brown. I'm planning to paint all the trim white. I know it will appeal to the majority.

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OR, you could just lower the asking price by $4,999, and consider yourself coming out ahead when you do sell.

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For those interested in seeing the garage door closed see the following images.

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Connie K

I think your house looks fine the way it is, and would never spend 5K to add brick.

That being said, I think the look would improve if you put shutters on the windows on the brick portion of the house. I'm not sure what color, but something darker than the siding.

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Yes, I agree. The windows in the brick area look unfinished compared to the ones in the siding. You need to do something to balance them out, either shutters or a larger trim.

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Yes, if I were to suggest anything, it would be to do shutters. The front of the house just needs something to break up all that brick, and I do love brick.

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Thanks for adding the picture WITH garage door. From the pictures before I had assumed the garage door was painted the same red as the front entry.
Honestly, with the garage door being the same off-white as the top and around the window to the side, I think your house looks perfect as it is. Also, on this picture the front door does not look that bright red anymore wich I like, too. As a buyer I could care less if you added more brick or changed the neutral colors because your house is nice already. As ncrealestateguy suggested just lowering the asking price by that amount could give you an advantage. It is another thing if the looks bother you NOW and you want to change it for yourself. Then go ahead and feel better everytime you come home because YOU prefer the new look.
I would not add shutters either. In my opininon they would make your modern house look older than it is.

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I agree with annemouse. I like the house as it is, and also feel that shutters date a house. I removed the ones on my house as soon as I moved in.

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The only thing that I would change is the goofy two tones siding. Make it all one color or the other. That's the only cost effective project that you will ever see any financial return over. Save the rest of your money and just price it right when you put it on the market.

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