pool filter leak; newbies buying the house

defgardenAugust 24, 2010

We have a contract on a house with a pool. The pool filter was leaking a lot from the top at inspection, and the sellers responded that their pool guy fixed it. Now we're at one week before closing and the filter is leaking again, albeit a small trickle. Their pool guy says it's not a problem.

The seller replied today, "There's a vent screw at the top of the filter in the pictures. It's only finger tight, and occasionally vents small amounts of water. This drips down the side, collects in the mid-line seal and drips down other places. If the buyers don't want to see any water on the filter, they can tighten that screw (it sticks out towards the wall straight behind the pressure gauge at the top of the filter). I'd recommend against that though. When the pump is not running, the filter naturally collects air. If the vent is fully closed and the pump starts, the air stays in the filter and the filter may not fill completely with water. A partly full filter is only partly working. The slightly loose vent screw lets the air escape, making for a fully operational filter."

So. Should a pool filter leak at all? Or do all pool filters leak through their vent screws every day?

Here are some photos from this morning:


Thanks very, very much for any advice,

Dianne and Chris, Austin

Here is a link that might be useful: leaking pool filter at house

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My thoughts would be hell no.

I have a different filter, but similar, and it does not leak a drop.

Tell them to get bent and fix it right.

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What you are describing is the air relief valve found on the top of all cartridge filters (and some sand). The standard operating position for this is to be closed completely with no leaking water. When you prime the system you would bleed out the air from here and then close it. No need to leave it cracked open. If the pool system is allowing air back into the lines then this is an indication that the plumbing system has a problem. It could be a teeny tiny problem like a leak at the suction side threaded adapter on your pump...or it could be a leak at the connection underside the pool skimmer. Either way, the current pool owners are aware of this problem as it has manifested itself with the system losing prime / taking in air. They resolved this problem with the turn of a know allowing water (and air) to slowly escape the system via the bleeder valve. In this situation I would monitor the system after closing this valve to see if any problems develop shortly afterwards. A pool plumbing system is a closed look system and should not leak air or water anywhere.

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