Shopping at the Hardware Store!

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 21, 2011

Wow! Check out these prices for quilting tools!


Here is a link that might be useful: We're Going Shopping

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Very interesting, Sharon! I have a LARGE supply of hot glue sticks that I got from Lowe's...a package of 50 or so cost less than a package of 10 at Michael's. You can probably get the glue guns at Lowe's, too.

We've already taken over the grocery store (freezer paper, Press & Seal, starch) so why not the hardware store, too!?


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One of my favorite shopping places is a store in Orlando called Skycraft. It's part junk shop, part hardware store, part space coast oddities. You never know what you'll find but it's alway interesting and I've found lots and lots of stuff there for craft projects.


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And don't forget Store Closing sales. I just got a wonderful display rack from a Borders bookstore that's closing. It's about 5' tall, three sided, enamel coated steel pegboard. The display is on a rotating ball bearing and the whole thing is on casters. You wouldn't believe how much more workable my whole quilt room is now with all the rulers, templates, scissors, etc on it. It takes regular pegboard hooks from the hardware store. I LOVE it!

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What a hoot. I thought it was my secret. I have a Harbor Freight and right next door is a Rocklers. It doesn't get much better than that. Notice the name, folks.

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Sharon, thanks for sharing this wonderful secret! :) I googled Harbor Freight & discovered there is one in TOledo, not far from where my DGS plays indoor soccer. Not that I need a reason to shop, but it makes it easier to convince DH to stop!!


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Isn't it fun to find our tools and supplies and pay less for them? I'll probably be changing my blade more often now and make it easier on myself. We don't have a Harbor Freight, but we sure do have an Ace Hardware store that I love to putter through. DH is another story. He knows what he wants to buy, goes in, gets it, pays for it and is out of there! He doesn't know how to have fun when shopping. @:)

Kay, You happened onto a gem!


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Cindy, the Harbor Freight in Toledo is right next door to Joann's and not too far from a nice LQS in Maumee...if you needed any other incentive! :)


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I sent DH Jim to Harbor Freight for rotary blades. He said he couldn't find those, but came home with a machete instead! Seriously, a machete. I asked if I was supposed to cut fabric with it and he just laughed. Glad he was amused. I'm pretty sure he got in there and was so wowed by all the manly toys he completely forgot about the rotary blades.

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Kate, I'll bet you're right! Machete? LOLOL

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