What's the best pool width?

nylsor107August 8, 2010

I am in the planning/design phase for a Lazy L, vinyl-lined in ground pool. We are challenged by some fairly steep grade changes. Our PB is recommending we go with an 18' x 43' size. I was hoping for 20' x 44'. I am concerned that 18' wide will be too narrow. I would appreciate any advice on whether or not to go for the wider size, as well as some ballpark estimates as to what I should expect to pay for a pool this size (with installation) in Michigan. Many thanks!

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Take a can of spray paint and outline the pool in your lawn and see if you like it. It is more about personal preference than anything else. One end of my pool is 18', the other 16' but the length is only 36' so it seems plenty big to me. However, you might be struggling with the length the width ratio so the painted outline might help.

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Our pool is 43' long. The middle is 15' and both ends are 22'. Kind of a lazy crooked figure 8 shape. The 15' middle is plenty wide. The shallow end has a large baja shelf so about 15' of play space which is plenty of room for basket ball. The deep end has a bench in the widest part. I love the size and wouldn't change anything.

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Thanks so much for your input!

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Here is my lazy L. It is 44 feet long at the longest point, 16 feet wide at the deep end and then 24 feet from the shallow end light to the "4" foot deep section.

In retrospect, it would have been nice to go a bit wider. However, the 16 has never been a problem even with the diving board.

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Oh my, your pool is simply beautiful. Thanks for the advice and sharing.

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