counter height window bumpout, how deep is too deep?

homebuyer23March 14, 2013

We plan to put our main sink centered in a 65" wide existing window bumpout which we need to raise up to counter height.

Its is currently a 12" deep bumpout. I am now wondering if that is too deep? I just looked at lots of pictures on old threads of counter height windows & didn't see any bumped out more than 8". I started to wonder if that would be too much space behind my sink...although I thought I'd love it for plants/herbs, we get great light.

And I'm wondering if I'll be able to open the window, stretching across 36" of counter basically. I'm only 5"3. I just pretended to do it across my kitchen table. It seemed do-able but not enjoyable! I'm planning the crank out type of course, but its still a stretch.

To make it shallower I guess we'd have to rip out the whole thing..exterior siding/small roofline above it and rebuild it all? That's not something I want to do.

Are there any solutions I'm missing? shallower cabinets/ counters around the window? Can a sink (hoping for farm sink) be installed in a shallower than 24" deep cabinet?

We're likely going custom, if that helps with a solution.

Is all that space a good thing, and I just deal with the stretch?!

Thanks for any input

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There are a number of solutions.
Reframe the new window with deeper trim on the outside so it sits more inside the house.
A thinner base cabinet should be possible within the restrictions on the waste pipe hookup for in the back wall or down through the floor.
It may be possible to use a skylight type hook and eye crank mechanism and shortened rod to activate the window for opening.

Add some carboard to the opening you have to do a full size correct height mockup with a full size sink and counter in cardboard. Use the manufacturer's dimensions for layout.
See how things work with plant watering, window opening and space. Balance how often for each task against what you get in space all the time.

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Thank you so much Dan. I'll be discussing these options with my contractor.

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Mine is 10" from the INSIDE. Meaning if I measure the countertop to the window trim. I'm sure it's another 2 or 3 inches BEYOND that with trim, etc...

Mine is perfect, IMO and I am 4' 11". I have to reach over the 34" of countertop depth to open window and it's not a problem for me--- although a couple inches deeper might have been trickier with my height disadvantage! We have a casement window.

I'm lazy right now to go through all my pics, but here is my reveal where you can see pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2LittleFishies' Reveal Thread

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Ok, I also just took these as it may be easier to see : )

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Hope these helped!

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Little Fishies, THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea, yours is totally my inspiration! I have a crumbled up printout of your window area that I've shown to everyone! If nothing else goes right in my kitchen, I just want the same window as you!!
My bumpout might be an inch or 2 deeper than you, but I've got 3 inches on you in height, so I feel so so so relieved!
How wide is your window? I have total of 65" so room for about a 60" window and I'm waiting to hear if they make your style (1 big, 2 small on sides) in that size. Also, I'm concerned with a casement window...are they able to have screens? I really like to open my kitchen windows & hear the kids playing & let in the breeze but I hate the thought of no screens. Wondering if I have any other options for this big window I want.
Thanks again for taking the time to post these pictures. This board amazes me. And I love your kitchen to death!

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You're welcome! I'll attach my Andersen order with measurements. The two side windows are casements that open. The screens will be inside the window being the windows open out. We upgraded to the TruScene insect screens as they are easier to see through than regular screens. Ours are not in yet though. The center window is a picture window and does not open.

Originally we were going to do 3 casements- all equal in size, but I wanted to use grilles (as the other windows in our house have them) and I thought all three were too busy. SO, we did a clear picture in the middle.

On the top left of pic the window models are circled.

Overall width- 6' 5 3/16"

LMK, if you have any other questions : )

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It's not your height that's the important criteria here. It's the length of your arms. I'm tall, but even so, my arm reach is only 26". I'd really have to lean across Fishies counter to operate a window there. I'm not entirely gray yet, but by the time that hits, I could see that being a real problem in having the kitchen be pleasant and usable.

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Just saw my pic didn't post...

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Hi! I just posted these on another thread, and since I have them on deck, thought I'd post them here too. I don't have a counter yet, but in some ways that makes it easier to see how deep the window box is. We have three windows, all the same size. The outer two are casements, the center one doesn't open. The bump out box is about 16 inches deep. I am able to open the windows, but there's definitely some serious belly flopping over the counters involved. That's a tradeoff -- I love the extra counter depth (or will, once I have a counter), and I love how the bump out makes the kitchen seem much bigger than it actually is. I think a few inches less would have been fine, though, or maybe even a little better.

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All if your kitchens are beautiful, and I am loving the window bumpouts. I think Livewire brought up a good point about arm length. 2Fishies I had know idea we were the same height. I have a feeling I will have to have a smaller bumpout because I have little T-Rex arms. :(

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Lol, at the belly flop mental image!

Ok, if I have to ask my DH or contractor to measure my armspan in relation to the kitchen project, they are really going to lose it, they already think I am crazy enough! I get it though, and its a totally practical concern. (Little Fishies, do you have irregularly long arms?!)

My contractor did say he thinks they can frame it in to get it a bit less deep, the carpenter will know more.

Justmake it, your window is beautiful. Your cabinets look great too. Are you going to have casing around the bump out? Are you putting uppers next to the bump out? I'm trying to decide how much room I need to leave next to where the bump out starts before I start a cabinet. I'm going to check that out on other posts showing these windows.

Little Fishies thanks for posting that. When it comes time to order I'm sure it will be helpful. Thanks again!

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Casement windows will be easier to operate. Double hungs over a bumpout are virtually unusable for normal people without getting onto the counters to operate them. Much less to clean them.

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Fori is not pleased

Can you bump in the sink? (Seriously!)

How often do you operate the window there? Enough to not want to say "hey honey close the window please?" It might be a total non issue.

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No, I don't have long arms. I should throw in my mom is my height but being older (77) and thicker through the middle I think she'd have a problem opening window.

Honestly, we barely open the windows except for some nice spring days which seem to be infrequent since lately winter tends to be followed by summer in NJ! Also, we have hay fever, etc. However with our casement window there is one release latch at the bottom as well as the crank. I don't see it being an issue for me anytime soon! lol

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I just want to add that I'm 5'6" tall, and have fairly short arms. If the window were bumped out only 12 or 13 inches, I wouldn't be stretched out over the counter at all. Don't know if this helps our shorter friends or not.

Homebuyer -- thanks for the nice comments about my cabinets. They just went in this week, and I've been spending the weekend in the kitchen playing house. We're not putting casing around the bumpout, but there won't be any upper cabinets either. On the wall perpendicular to the windows, we'll have some open shelves on either side of the stove. I can easily imagine uppers starting at the edge of the bumpout, though my kitchen isn't very traditional, and in a more traditional kitchen, you might want the casing there. (So I'm no help at all!)

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