Good news! P&S signed

gwentMarch 20, 2009

I wanted to share my good news with the hope that this will encourage others with houses to sell not to dispair (as I have been). We signed our P&S to SELL our house.

whew. It was a roller coaster. The buyer's house inspection revealed things we were not aware of and in this buyer's market we needed to accept their "demands" so as not to lose the sale. I was willing to concede more than my husband who got New England stubborn at the last minute! It is such a relief today to leave dishes in the sink. Tho I kinda liked the habit we got into while house was on the market of leaving it neat and tidy every day and I am enjoying some of the staged stuff we did. I hope nothing derails us between now and closing- dont want to count my chickens but wanted to share this. Thanks for all the tips I gleaned from this forum.

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Keeping the fingers crossed and wishing you the best of luck for a smooth closing!

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