Should I build a pool in heavily shaded yard?

mdnjAugust 16, 2011

I would like to install an inground pool, but my yard gets very little sun. Any advice, pros & cons?


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Depends where you are and what is shading your yard.

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In NJ. Trees are shading the yard. The trees are on easement adjacent to my property. Since I don't own them, I can't cut them down. I will certainly put a heater in.

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Don't let the trees stop you. The benefits outweigh the issues the tree present.


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You should build a pool anytime and anywhere; if you can afford it. I waited 45 years and once I did it, I felt stupid for waiting so long.

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We have pecan trees too close to the pool and the mess they make is impossible. It is difficult to get the leaves out when the water is too cold to get in there. We are considering cutting the trees back so they do not hang over the pool and covering the pool with some sort of greenhouse thing.

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