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calverttxApril 24, 2012

After 40 years I am thinking of a new machine. I would love to do the beautiful machine quilting, I am also interested in embroidery. I have no idea what to even look for but I know you ladies have great ideas. Please let me know if you have the perfect machine.

Also what about the computerized machines.

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I'm sure everyone will think they have the perfect machine! LOL

If you want embroidery, you will definitely need a computerized one. I have a combo sewing/embroidery machine from Brother and have been very happy with it, though I'm starting to feel a little tug that it's time for a new machine (don't tell my hubby!).

I also have a mechanical Juki that only does straight stitch that I use for quilting. Its straight stitch is miles better than the Brother's straight stitch.

I've pretty much decided if/when I get a new machine it won't have embroidery capability. I haven't shopped around yet, but the combo machines I've seen recently are HUGE and VERY expensive. It's nice to be able to embroider if I want to, but I really don't want to that often.

Features that I love on my Brother machine - needle threader, thread cutter, knee lifter. My "little" Brother machine (inexpensive - around $200 from has a needle threader, too, but no thread cutter and no knee lifter. BUT - it has the capability to choose to have the needle stop in either the up or down position, which "big" Brother doesn't have.

Both Brothers have lots of decorative and utility stitches and came with quite a few feet.


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There are many great machines depending on how much one wishes to spend. My preference is a Janome but the dealer and service is equally important.
If money wasn't an object my "dream machine" is the Janome 12000 but it is over the top when it comes to cost.
It is always best when looking for something new to check out a few differnt models and see which fits your needs and lifestyle.

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I love my Janome sewing machine and bought a new older model saving $$. I also love my Brother embroidery machine.

The only stitches and feet I use the most are the walking foot and 1/4" foot. I love the needle down postion for quilting, that will be a must for me on a new machine.

I am not a fan of the combo machines either. I would love to have a Juki for quilting! My dream is to buy a quilting system, but so far I can't talk myself into it.

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I recently bought the Janome 4120 QVC. My last machine purchase was about 1972. LOL Fortunately, the dealer was overstocked and going to send the machine back to the company. I got it for half price! I'm happy with it, but really have nothing more modern to compare it to. I never understood why all you women had more than one machine, but now I get it. I want another one to take to classes. I showed up at a class not realizing you were suppose to bring your own machine. I want something inexpensive and light weight. My dealer is going to see what he gets in trade ins and give me a call if something shows up.

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Bev, that's exactly why I got my inexpensive Brother machine. It weighs about half of the combo machine and fits in my rolling case much better! Of course, I've only been to one class since I got it over a year ago! :(


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A couple of years ago I had a bunch of women over to make quilts for a children's AIDS/HIV home in Burkina Faso, Africa. Fortunately several of them had machines to bring (and one of them was a quilt pro, since I didn't know much). We hope to make quilts again this year, so another machine here would be handy!

The LQS which is just around the corner is going to have purse classes the last Wed of each month. I would love to go if a machine comes my way soon!

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I love my Janome 6600. I also have the Janome 350E which is an embroidery only machine. I would not like to have the combo machine. This way if I am embroidering something, I can be stitching up something else at the same time. The machines sit at right angles to each other and it is just a matter of a slight swivel in my chair. So convenient...I am so spoiled. LOL
Anyway, if you haven't bought a new machine in 40 years, be prepared for some very pleasant surprises on what is available in machines these days. Also be prepared for some prices that will make you sit down and gasp! That was my exact experience when I went searching for a new machine four years ago after not sewing for over 30 years. Just get on line and go to the website of every machine you can think of Janome, Babylock, Viking, Bernina, Brother, etc. They all have comparison charts that will guide you in what you want in a machine and what kind of sewing you want to do. Then go to and check out what others are saying about whatever machine you are interested in.
Bev...check out the Janome Jem machines...they weigh about 12 lbs and are great for taking to classes. I bought mine online for about $200.
Good luck in your search for a new is fun and very rewarding to find your perfect machine.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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