Dead frogs in my pool

ms_minnamouseAugust 25, 2010

I keep finding dead frogs in my pool skimmer. So I got a Critter Skimmer skimmer cover and I'm still finding dead frogs in the skimmer. I think they're either drowning before they get to the skimmer or some may be too stupid to figure the Critter Skimmer out.

I think I'm going to buy some kind of floating fake lily pad for the pool for them to climb onto and rescue them when I see them, but does any one else have any ideas?

It's nasty finding them in the skimmer and sad too. They start to fall apart and it looks like they start to turn inside out, a bubble of skin or something comes out of their gaping mouths. Anybody know what that is?

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I have to assume you don't really want to know. PM me if you do and I can explain.


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Problem solved. I cut up some plastic baskets and made little mesh ramps for them to climb out of the pool. I haven't found anymore dead frogs yet but if I still do after this and the Critter Skimmer, there's probably no saving them.

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I hope that works. It is sad to any of god's little creatures die unnecessarily and due to our actions so I share your concern. It may be that you will only find them in there right after rains depending on what you climate is like and what species you have around.

I would not call them stupid, nor are they smart in any way like us. Millennia of evolution have equipped them to reproduce quite well in ponds, lakes, streams and ephemeral pools quite well. Swimming pools, sadly, they are not equipped for. If they could think, they would think they have found a nice rain-filled hollow and jump right in. In fact, they have a much more base response.

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They all seem to be Wood Frogs. One was quite large, I happened to see it and a much smaller one that day and scooped them out. They were "smart" enough to not jump back in.

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