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garyfla_gwMarch 16, 2014

Anyone done this ?? considering buying a home at mid altitude in Costa Rica How can I find out how to go about this?? seems to be quite similar to the US but who knows??lol
Thanks gary

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Start by going to Costa Rica ... talk to people who have done this.

Continue by checking out the property laws for non-citizens ... there may be restrictions. If so, can you live with them?

Get a Costa Rican lawyer who specializes in property transactions to make sure it's all done legally, with an unclouded title ... and that all the required documents are properly filled out and filed.

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lazygardens gave you good advise. I've bought and sold lots of property out of the country and still own some (in Mexico).
You aren't going to get close up and personal advice on this type of forum.
Go to CR, talk to lots of foreigners who bought, ask about details, get names of attorneys. Just as in the USA look at different areas, find out the pros and cons. Do you plan to live there or buy a second home with limited visits, will it be a rental, find out all the legal and tax issues. Also consider your USA taxes and legal exposure, if you are in the USA.
I did a quick google search and found several CR forums.

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Try to contact the expatriate community, via forums and then, in person, for information and referrals to real estate agents. I'd also expect that there's plenty of information online and at the local library/book store.

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The house I have in mind ,have rented off and on for around 10 years The owner wants to give up the maintenence on the property so offering a fantastic price ??lol.
The house has a LOT of serious problems for a permanent residence but if the price is right??
One of the most potential serious ones is that it is the only private house on the entire mountain which is a rainforest reserve . There is a rather upscale (for costa rica ) hotel on the other side I'm in my mid seventies and have no desire to get into the hotel ,guide or interpreter rental business. i see it as a very cheap and wonderful vacation home
Guess the way to go (after finding out the price lol) is hire an abragado lol rather than a real estate agent.
Thanks for the input gary

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Yes, see an attorney (abogado), in Mexico we need a notary (notario) for property transfer, do you have those in CR?
Do research on the different legalities there as compared to your home country. Many in Mexico use the regular attorney for all the legwork, then only hire the notary to do necessary work as they charge much more, but are more competent.

Be careful when hiring and getting advice from an unknown attorney.

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See I can't even spell lawyer lol My point would be to keep the house available to rent . due to it's location ,condition and accessibility I seriously doubt there will be a private sale . Will probably be absorbed into the park system so will no longer be available . I loved it because it's far off the beaten path ,incredibly beautiful and cheap lol
I seriously doubt I will actually buy it .I'm in my 70's have terminal cancer ,wife hates the "jungle" is opposed to the whole idea and the whole complication of another legal system, would not want to give up US citizenship have tax obligaltions in another country blah ,blah blah lol But if I don't buy it who's going to feed the monkeys ??lol thanks for your thoughts gary

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Gary I remember you from the Pond Forum. Very sorry you have health problems and wishing you the best. I remember your large tub gardens and love for aquatic plants. And I was a bit jelly at you being able to enjoy growing them all year long because I live with long winters.

Honestly if I had the chance to live in Paradise I would take it. I would not count the possibility out, research it some more and see if it makes sense. Just because it seems so out there does not mean it can't.

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Well let me describe the property and ignore my personal problems and then we might be able to determine if it's "Pardise" lol The "house " is an outside storge building all that remains of the original coffee plantation. .has no heat,no air , no water,no sewer, parial electric IF the weather is good . Electronics by SW only. Completely surrounded by a forest reserve and accessible by a dirt road except during rain,rock slides and slow growth lol Only 30 miles from San Jose but usually takes about two hours to get there IF the weather is good . Must take a cab as no bus routes and I wouldn't take a rental there on a bet lol Must bring your own food though there is a fruit market around 3 miles away. and he will make deliveries if arranged.
What it does have lol Temps in the low 70's year around 12 hour days and nights . RENT for 150,
though you can often knock that to a 100 if slow lol
Area has 8000 species of plants around 700 of birds around 6000 of insects and around 150 mammals .Many reptiles and amphibians.
Mist forest climbing into high altitude frost zone. Incredible waterfalls,overlooks ,glorious sunrises . very friendly animals lol
I have rented this place many times over the years primarily because of the location and cost .
The owner is selling due to old age and the maintenece . have no idea what the price will be or what it should be for that matter . I seriously doubt there will be many offers .My guess is that it will be absorbed into the reserve park and torn down.?? I usually go there to get away from the summer heat but doubt I'll make it this year .
Have never been to "paridise " but suspect it falls a bit short of most definitions ?? lol Thanks for the good wishes !! gary

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perhaps you might want to consider the Commonwealth of Dominica instead.

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Interesting thought What would be the advantage there ?? gary

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