Sundance spa temp reading 130 + - sensor problems

pointerxAugust 30, 2009

I have a sundance spa and i just filled it up yesterday after it sat drained all winter. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to test these temperature sensors because it is reading 130 degrees and i know the water cant be hotter than about 90. I know my display and my board are good as i get the proper error codes when i disconnect the sensors. the thing gives me an error ---- which means 'spa has detected a problem which could damage blah blah contact manufacturer' I also get an interlock failure code too sometimes. I am hoping it is just the temp sensor,It seems to shutdown and go into the '----' error when it senses dangerously high temps. i have located it and i know it will be easy to change after i drain about half the water... any input, or advice ?

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Temp thermistors read temps and send the signal back to the control board via resistance. If you can find out from the manufacturer how many ohms at a certain temp you would be able read this with a volt/ohm meter and determine if it is out of whack.
Otherwise take the chance and replace the thermistor.

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Hi pointerx,

I saw your posting and am curious to hear if you were able to solve your problem with the Sundance spa. Which one do you have, and have you had other problems with it? We are about to buy a hot tub, and one of the ones we are seriously considering is a Sundance model. I'd love to touch base w/ someone who has had one for a while to find out how they like it! They will include an ozone thing if we get the order in by the end of the month (which is tomorrow!??) Thanks in advance....

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I have a 99 Altimar that had similar symptoms. I read online that Sundance spas from that era are notorious for having temp sensor issues, so I replaced it and have had no further problems

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