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sandlapper_roseApril 11, 2012

This is the place to discuss whatever you like with other members of the Birthday Block Exchange and especially to post pictures of quilts that have been completed. I'm sorry to be late getting the heading on here this month. I was in CA for several weeks to help my older daughter and son-in-law with the triplets (the babies are now 13 months old), came home very tired, and now my husband is lined up to retire on Friday so things have been busy here.

Talk with everyone soon!


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Jeanne, are there several birthday groups this year? I thought we had only one but I see a question that refers to a block not on my list. How many groups do we have going?

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Linda, if it is the question about the November block - it is the Lotto Block.

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Yes, only one birthday group this year. So glad magothyrivergirl knew how to answer your question! We have been having really nice weather this week - I am going to head outside for awhile. My plants certainly need some attention after me being gone for so long. I have a charity quilt top that I need to complete by Tuesday morning, so I'll be doing some sewing, too!
Have a great weekend.

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Sorry for being so "behind". Thanks, Marsha. I understand now.

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