Square Chase Quilt

gft48393April 14, 2011

Is there another name for this quilt design? I've searched for various 'square' names - but came up empty.


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Can you post a picture? Or describe it? I've never heard the name.


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Is this it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Square Chase

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Yes, the quilt shown on the Green Fairy Quilts site is the one I'm referring to; but of course, I'm looking for a 'free' pattern and wondered whether it was available under another name.

Thanks for the help.

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It looks like it might be fairly easy to figure out a pattern on your own.

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OK, this is a pet peeve of mine. Rant coming, and you won't like it.

Someone has designed and published a pattern. It's part of her livelihood. It costs her money to produce this product, and the price is quite reasonable.

You want it for free. You're cheap. So am I, and I rarely buy patterns.

I have no quarrel with that. BUT DRAFT IT YOURSELF!! It's not rocket science! Get out your graph paper and colored pencils!

If someone posts that pattern for free on the internet, it's theft, pure and simple.

When I posted a photo of a quilt I did from a book, even though I credited the author and gave the name of the book with the pattern, I STILL had people (none who post here) email me and demand the pattern. JUST NO.

I can see my popularity rating sinking into the toilet about now, LOL.

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Well said Mary!
I said the same about the Twister Tool - the designers don't charge much for their products usually....keep them in business and buy their patterns, and products, or draft it yourself.
Professionally, I have walked away from projects that required me to turn over my office designs or sketches in order to be considered for the job.....unfortunately, I learned the hard way, after the client(s)turned over my drawings and put them out to bid .....there is a price to pay for "Intellectual property".
Pass the toilet paper, please :)

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I'm delighted to have the company, Marsha - none better!

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Mary, I completely agree with you! Quilt patterns are usually pretty reasonably priced, but if you can't afford it, go in together with a friend or two, then share the pattern between you.


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Mary, and others, I also agree with you! This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while, especially here on this forum. We seem to attract quilters who want us to post patterns here on our forum....for free!

Read the not-so-fine print at the top of the forum home page:

"Important: Sharing photocopies of patterns or charts without the express consent of the publisher or designer is a copyright violation and is not allowed."

When I have made items to sell or when I have posted tutorials here for our members, I have always contacted the designer/owner of the pattern or book for their permission. At least one did not respond to my emails, but none have refused the use of their design.

If there is a free copy or similar design on the internet, do your own searching and you will find it. Or, enlarge an image of the pattern and draft your own pattern.


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All of the above plus, I have never seen a post by gft48393 before on this forum! Plus, I did a search on the Sewing forum and didn't see one there either.

Who are you?

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I am so sorry if I offended anyone and do apologize. The criticism is well-founded and I totally understand its basis.

I refer to and enjoy the forums and despite my lack of postings, have been a member since 2002.

Again, very sorry.

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Thank you, grt48393. We are really not an un-friendly or un-helpful bunch of folks here. Guess we just take exception to new posters who seem to want us to do their work for them. We welcome just about *all* questions and we are glad to have new quilters join - especially if they introduce themselves on their first post. We are interested in what quilts you have made or what you want to know to help you get started quilting. And we love to see pictures of your work!


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