pool pump problem

magglepussAugust 2, 2011

I have an older pool with a pac-fab filter. We replaced the filter motor about 4-5 years ago. For the last couple of weeks, we noticed the water not running over the spa as much as it should. My husband thought the impeller(sp) might be going out, but he didn't have time right that weekend to replace it. We turned off the power to the pool so as not to burn up the filter motor.

The following Thursday, he took the filter apart and discovered the impeller was fine, but totally clogged. The filter basket handle was broken, and a part of the top of the basket was broken off. We currently have a pool service, so this was not something we were aware of.

He went out to buy a new filter basket, and the guy at the pool store said the handle is needed on this type of filter to keep the basket in place. That is why the impeller became so clogged. He told him about someone earlier that had been in with the same type of filter, but had to replace his filter motor due to the clogged impeller.

After cleaning the impeller and replacing the basket, it seemed to run fine, but Monday, our pool guy was here, and could not get the pump to come on.

My husband tried as well, and the pump motor seems to be out.

Question - impeller unclogged on Thursday and pump seemed to work fine Thursday and Saturday. Did not use the pool Sunday, and Monday the pump motor is dead. Would the probable cause be the clogged impeller(sp)?

Pool guy coming tomorrow to take a look at it. I would like some feedback from others on this.


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DH here
Filter motor = pump motor

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The seal set between the impeller and the seal plate that the motor's center shaft passes through may have lost its seal The seal set keep the water from getting out of the hole. The result can be water getting to motor, shorting it out.

Another possible is the starter capacitor died. An easy fix.

The missing handle for the basket story is crap.

A broken basket is usually from either too much debris left in it or it dried out and when it was emptied, the banging it takes when knocking the debris out cracked it.

The service should have told you about the basket.


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Thanks so much for the input.

Question for you Scott, When I cleaned the impellor, I did not remove the impellor from the motor shaft. Would the stress due to the clogged impellor cause the motor to burn out 2 days later? If this is probable, I want the pool service to repair the problem. (my local pool supply referenced someone whose motor burned up when the impellor clogged up.) Plus, I've already spent hours of my time taking care of a detail that I should not have had to since I have a pool service.

And, how do I determine if it is the capacitor or the motor? When I turn the motor on, I hear it trying to start, but it doesn't run. How do I tell the difference.

Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.

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Start capacitors are relatively cheap. Stop at a motor shop, pick one up and swap it. If it works, great! Otherwise, it's likely the coils inside and the motor is kaput. When changing a motor, change the seal set too.


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Humming but no start indicates a capacitor failure. A clogged or partially blocked impellor will not harm your motor. The two problems are co-incidental.

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Thank you Scott and Cascade. Pulled the pump apart today and gave the impellor some help, and it ran fine. Got a new capacitor on and all is running well. Thanks again for the help!
Now on to the water heater in the house which ruptured last night.

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