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stewart7795August 24, 2011

I have a chlorine pool and my pool service company dumped a bunch of salt in my pool forgetting it wasn't a salt pool. I have calcium build up on my coping and was wondering if the salt could have caused that.

Should I have them dump the water and refill at their expense? It's been about 5 weeks and the water still tastes salty.

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You shouldn't be able to actually taste the salt. Would suggest you politely ask them to drain, fill and rebalance chemicals.
You should not see affects caused by the salt. Most pools have a little calcium buidup somewhere on the tile and deck. Good luck.

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What is the current salt level? If it's under 3500 ppm, don't sweat it.

In fact, your bathers will notice a couple things. First, their skin won't feel dried out and second, assuming the pool is well balanced, the red eye effect will be diminished.

Plastered pools need some calcium in the water to reduce water's tendency to draw it out from the plaster finish. The same thing happens with salt and the human body. The salt in the water will have a much reduced tendency to draw salt out from the skin and eyes.


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