Embroidery on Crazy Quilt

calverttxApril 17, 2012

I am an experienced quilter and am about to embark on my first 1800 Crazy Quilt. I am researching and there are many that are truly beautiful. Question.....

The embroidery work done, when it is it done on each block is it before or after the quilt top is put together? I have read the book from cover to cover and if it is here I missed it. (Probably missed it.)

Thanks for all your help.

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The class I took had you embroider/embellish each block first.

Because the crazy quilt blocks are so heavily embellished with beads/embroidery/ribbon/lace, instead of typical quilt piecing of sewing together with quarter inch seam, she instead laid the blocks down on backing and placed sashing strips down between then sewed over them (ie more of a quilt as you go technique than piecing the top).

I still want to make at least a crazy quilt pillow. I just don't have a variety of fabric (velvet, etc) scraps to make a quilt.

Post photos!


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Yes, the fabric is a real problem. I am going to goodwill this afternoon. I will be looking at ties, pillows, party dresses and fine drapery. Also hospice.

I have a friend who is an attorney. I asked for old ties and he laughed. He has three for court. This may be very difficult.

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I'm sure if you asked a pastor's wife if there were any old ties she'd like to get rid of, she would gladly give you some. At least that's the way it's been in my family. lol


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Great idea!

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I've seen the embroidery added both ways. As the squares are done AND after the quilt is assembled. I think it depends on the individual quilter.

BTW if you are looking for fancy fabrics I would try a bridal type store that does it's own alterations.

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What a good idea!

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You could also see if the alteration places in the mall has anything. We had a dress altered for my daughter and had asked to keep the fabric they cut off. They forgot to put it with the dress and when we asked for it they dug into a scrap bag that they were getting ready to discard.

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Thinking about this post yesterday, I did some Goodwill shopping during my lunch break. There were dozens of velvet and satin dresses in the children's section and most of them already had lace and other embellishments attached! With some clever cutting, you could use some of it just the way it is on the dress.

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You ladies have the very best ideas. I would have never thought of looking at childrens clothing.

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If you have any high-end furniture stores in your area where you pick the fabrics, they might have some old fabric samples. I had a friend a long time ago who worked at one and I got all kinds of damasks, tapestries, velvets, silks, satins, moiree, etc. from her.

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question for OP

do you currently live in Calvert Tx?

Carolyn (who lives South of Hempstead)

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In Australia, I often go to the Opportunity Shops, or 2nd hand shops that have clothing for sale at bargain prices. They often have lace, fabric netting, buttons in different baskets at much reduced prices than the shops. Even the clothing you can look through and find some made from fabric you ca cut up for your project.

Another place is when shops have massive sales. I bought a mini skirt that was 75% off - not for me to wear, but the fabric was black and gold patterns in satin that I wanted to cut up for a project. I've bought a wedding dress to cut up from an "OP" shop too - had heaps of lace and satin.


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