SunnyCottage...take a look!

oakleyokMay 25, 2012

I saw this in the catalog sent me, and I immediately thought of you. The blue in the rug shows up better in the catalog than it does on their website.

Since the rug comes in all different sizes, I sure could see it in your kitchen. :)

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Oakley, you little temptress, you! I love it! I have a braided rug upstairs in our bedroom, but oh, wouldn't this be sweet under my breakfast table? (It would have to be round ...) I'll look at the site, but in the meantimee, feast your eyes on this gorgeous rug:

This is from one of my favorite (English) blogs. I'll link below ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Henhouse Homemade

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OK, I really like that rug a lot, Oakley! A 6' round would only set me back about $260 including shipping, so not bad at all. Thanks for sharing! I may just have to order it!

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Let me know if you get it. And I hope the blue in the rug shows up the way it does in the catalog. Even if it doesn't, I like the specks of red in the rug.

It's good to see the English love their vintage too! I'd love to go to a garage sale over there. Swoon.

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Love that blog SunnyC!

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