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maisoui1March 27, 2010

We are getting ready to put our house on the market. We start new jobs in another state at the end of the summer. We know we have to declutter for staging but I also wanted to combine that with getting more organized in general and packing for the impending move. I got an under bed storage bin for each bedroom as well as a bunch of stackable clear plastic storage bins of different sizes. Now I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. A few posts suggested not using under bed storage bins. I didn't think people would look under the bed! I thought that would be a great place for storage since it would be out of the way. DH thinks it is silly getting a storage unit - he doesn't want to drive there, he doesn't want to pay for it although we can afford it, he doesn't want to move it then then have to move it again for the real move. Any thoughts re under bed storage?


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If you have a dust ruffle that hides the under bed containers then go for it!

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Is under bed storage going to be enough? It wasn't for us. I decluttered and purged and still managed to fill up a storage unit's worth of stuff before we put the house on the market. We sold rather quickly so we moved into an apartment while our new house was being built. We filled up a second storage unit with the stuff we didn't take to the apartment.

You can get away without a storage unit and just use a room of your house or garage if you'll store stuff neatly. I preferred to get it all of the house because my kids would have just drug all their toys and other stuff back in the house again. I didn't want my house to look crowded.

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I packed and decluttered a great deal before I put our house on the market, and I think you are underestimating by far the amount of stuff you will have to store.

I used a POD to hold my things while the house was on the market. Sure, it was a pain moving everything into the POD then back out of the POD onto our rental truck, but PODS didn't service my new area so that's simply how it was.

I staged every square inch of my home- every closet, every cabinet, and every shelf had two of whatever item belonged there. Every paintable surface was painted and that included inside every closet and the garage. There was not one thing out of place and I am firmly of the belief that it is why our home sold very quickly in an area where homes just were not selling.

When we sold it was also much easier to box up the remaining things as the bulk of the packing was long since done. It is an undertaking- my painting, prep, and staging took me the better part of two months but looking back it was so much worth it as some of the comps I was in competition with are still sitting there for sale at literally one third of what we got for ours.

For me it all boils down to one thing- how badly do you want to sell?
I had to sell, so I tried to leave no stone unturned- I even staged my yard and there wasn't as much as a dead leaf on a tree :)

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