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rosajoe_gwApril 13, 2012

working on a quilt? I really don't like to use that word because I don't consider it work. Unless, someone has asked me to make one with their choice of fabrics which I think are ugly lol!!!!!

Jayne's Sylvia made me think of the question. My first quilt was a whole cloth and took me three years to finish. I wasn't involved in any other quilting project, just a working single parent taking college classes. I never considered it a UFO always a WIP and enjoyed quilting it whenever I had the time.

I'm amazed that Jayne acccomplished so much in such a short time. That is not an easy quilt to make! What was your longest project, from start to finish, that was not considered a UFO??


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It's a tie between two double wedding ring quilts I picked up at two different garage sales. Both were started but not finished. All the pieces were there. I keep telling myself I need to pull them out and finish them but everytime I think about it something happens and I never get to them. I think I've had the two quilts about 6 years now.
One of these days very soon they are going to get done. I can't garden this year so I'm sewing up a storm. I've got a quilt top I'm working on right now that's been in my head for several years.A light finally came on in my head as to how to do it the way I have it in my mind. I'm stitching every bit of it by hand.

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The longest was the first one I made. A full sized sampler that was hand piece (1978). I finished the top in class because the inst. said anyone finishing she would have the class hand baste it. I was determined and succeeded having it put together. I hand quilted it but it took me 5 more years to complete as I wasn't as committed by that time. I kept for a while but passed it on to one of my daughters who had block dedicated to her family.

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I just finished a quilt that was started sometime in 2006, as far as I can tell. I designed it myself so I made the center then waited for inspiration for the next part, then the next part, etc. I finally finished the top in late 2009 then rolled it up and stuck it in the closet. I didn't get up the nerve to start quilting it until last Dec. But it's finally done!

My first quilt is a king size log cabin variation that is all hand cut with scissors (before rotary cutters!), hand pieced including the backing seams, and hand quilted. I don't remember how long it was in progress but it was probably longer than six years like the other one!

Mostly I think I go too fast...I keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy the process rather than sprinting for the finish line.


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Not counting the crib size whole cloths with the pattern stamped on them I bought about 20 years ago and the ones that have not been actively worked on periodically throughout the years, I'd say about 3 1/2 years. It's Uncle J's Ties, and I've worked on it little by little from the time they were given to me. This month is 4 years since he's been gone and wonder of wonders, I'm determined to finish it this month!


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I started quilting in 1987 before my daughter was born. I had to stop working earlier than I had planned so DH took me to get fabric for my first bed quilt. I bought the fabric in Dec of 1987, cut it out (the old fashioned way) and had it pieced by the end of 1988. I took it to a local hall and the ladies put it in a quilt frame and we basted it. They kept saying that since it was in the frame, why don't we all just quilt it. I said that since it was the first bed size quilt I had made that I wanted to do all of the handquilting by myself. It finally made it to my bed on March 21, 2004!So, from fabric purchase to completion it was 16 1/2 years! I had made many baby quilts and other small quilts during those 16 years but handquilting a queen sized quilt in a hoop on my lap was quite daunting!


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You have me beat, Mary! I pieced a queen sized bear-paw in beautiful batiks and black back in 2000. I have been handquilting it ever since and still have quite a way to go. I have completed lots of other quilts, including a different on for my bed where this one was supposed to go! Maybe 2012 will be the year ...


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My first quit, a queensize backwards pinwheel quilt, I started it in 2000 and finished it in 2008. I did not use the sewing machine with it, I did all the sewing by hand and hand-quilted it with a hoop in my lap. That's the longest it has ever taken me to sew/quilt a quilt.

Best to you,

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Sandra, what's a backwards pinwheel? Love to see it!


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I started a Baltimore Album quilt just before my grandson was born. He is eleven now. I work on it a few weeks each winter. It is my first appliqu� quilt and my first attempt at hand quilting. I have learned a lot and will have it done soon I hope.

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