QOTD - 4/11/2011 'Quilter's Choice'?

K8OrlandoApril 11, 2011

I never know what to choose when I see a request in the birthday blocks for 'quilter's choice'. Do you have a favorite block you always use or is this an opportunity for you to try something new?

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I find it an opportunity to try something different.

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Good question, Kate! It usually depends on the color choice the person is requesting but I do like to try new blocks so I usually peruse quilterscache to narrow down my choices. Sometimes the sample blocks they have just jump off the page and say "This would look great in the colors they are asking for!" and go for it!
I have 2 coming up that are quilter's choice and have already started looking!

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I loved "quilter's choice" and I always tried something new. The first few years that I did the birthday blocks it seemed like there were a lot of those blocks asked for, or asking for a general theme like Penguins, or sunflowers and not very many specific blocks requested. I really liked these general requests because it gave me the opportunity to be creative and try something new. I found that I didn't enjoy making a specific block with a predetermined color scheme because it made me feel like a manufacturer rather than an artist. (Please take this lightly - I'm not trying to offend anyone who prefers specific requests, it just wasn't my thing.)

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I don't mind 'Quilter's Choice' and try to choose a pattern that fits with the colors requested. I think this allows the person to select a block they are comfortable making.


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I usually make some variation of the six pointed star. To me you can't go wrong with a classic like that.

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I like to make my own choice of block for the birthday person. And I'm with Fran.....it's usually some form of a six pointed star.

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I have used quilter's choice as my block during the last 2 birthday block swaps because I like giving everyone the oportunity to choose a block that they are comfortable doing (or the chance to try something new!). Everyone has different abilities, and I've received some terrific blocks! Last year, I left the color choice open as well (just gave a general "I like soft colors"), and I had blocks representing everyone in a unique way.
I know many do not like the look several different styles give a quilt, but I like the uniqueness of it.
I did choose a color scheme this year, though. But only because we are remodeling our bedroom in those colors, so I wanted them to match.

For myself, I like having the quilters choice option when making blocks because I can find one that matches the fabric I have on hand and also one that I'm comfortable with. There were several in last year's swap that challenged my abilities ( a good thing!) but that I wasn't sure the quality of my finished block would be acceptable by the birthday person. I don't like feeling inadequate! LoL! So to have the option of choosing the block, I can always change the pattern if I need to, and choose one that more suits my abilities. (did that make sense?) :)

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Thank you all for the answers. I hate to admit this but it never occurred to me that it was a way to let quilters of differing abilities each choose a block they were comfortable with. I just thought the requester liked a more random design. This gives me a different perspective!


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Good question Kate! I had the same thoughts as you when someone requests Quilter's Choice. I find selecting the right block hard, as I want the recipient to be very happy with my block. I am a very creative person by nature, so that makes me different than most of the people I know (including my family!). After reading Hazelnutbunny's explanation, I too have a different perspective of the request for Quilter's Choice.

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I like to try something new, but one that has only techniques I know I can handle. If they have requested specific colors, I will find one that looks nice to me with their combination of colors.


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