Are curtains necessary?

annfireMarch 29, 2009

We're getting our house ready to put on the market, and one project involves the guest bedroom - removing the wallpaper and painting. We are also removing the dated drapes and valance from the 12 foot wide windows, that essentially cover almost one entire wall of the room. As you can probably guess, replacing these will be very costly. Is it OK to NOT buy and install new curtains & rods, and let people be wowed by the natural light? We're on 3 acres, set far back from the cul-de-sac road, so privacy isn't a big issue. I just hate to dole out $200+ (ebay was the cheapest!) on window treatments that we'll never use, and potential buyers may turn around and want something different for that room (It's a first floor bedroom, while the 3 primary bedrooms are upstairs).

Curtains or no curtains?

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I think you need curtains. It could end up making you look cheap or strapped for money and needing a quick sell otherwise. You don't need to buy top of the line curtains ans rods. It just needs to be something over the window.

A previous owner to a house we bought installed one of those inexpensive white rods across the windows and then bought several yards of inexpensive fabric and drapped that over and through the rods. They didn't even hem the ends.

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For me it wouldn't matter at all. Actually I'd say it was a plus. Especially since there aren't any privacy issues.

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If privacy isn't an issue, I don't think you need curtains - it might even seem intentional to let in a lot of light.

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I don't think you need curtains. Curtains are so taste specific. I've removed brand new expensive draperies from homes we bought simply because the draperies didn't fit in with my decor. Let the sun shine in.

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I vote for no drapes - let the sunshine and view sell the house!

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I agree - curtains aren't a necessity. I live on a private wooded lot and have many windows without window treatments - by design. In my opinion nice large windows with expansive views have no need for curtains.

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Another vote for no curtains as long as privacy is not an issue.

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I vote for no curtains also. My home that is currently on the market just has silhouette shade, wood blinds or mini blinds in all of the rooms. The blinds and shades all have headers that finish the look. The formal dining room has a custom cornice that I will be taking with me. I don't like living with other peoples "stuff". I love light and bright! The last home we bought had drapes in some of the rooms. We kept them up for privacy until we painted and decorated and then packed them away and left them for the new owners so they could do the same!

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Wow - thanks everyone for your input! I was picturing something similar to what cordovamom wrote - buying new curtains for staging purposes, and the buyer's might decide to turn it into a child or teen room, or buy their own styles. I'm so happy to read the overwhelming support for light & bright! I was surprised to see that it actually makes the room look even larger.

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We had friends come over and critique our house before we listed it and they said the downstairs seemed dark, so we took down all the draperies in the living and dining room. The rooms do look bigger and brighter, and we, too have kept them in case the future owners like them.

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I vote for no curtains as well.
My house in now under agreement (yea!) and in one room our broker suggested after we removed the wall paper and painted, to remove the dated curtains as well. If you trust your broker (and at this point you should!) ask her/his advice on the curtain issue.

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Another one for no curtains! I live in a rural area, and don't have curtains. I don't think it looks cheap. I prefer all the natural light .. if the deer and coyotes want to lok in my windows, they are more than welcome to.

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I personally dislike curtains - we have them only on the one street-facing window and they are rarely drawn (they belonged to the previous owners, so I didn't even buy them.

I say no curtains.

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Ditch the curtains. You don't need them. Fabric will hold smells so if you have or are a smoker, have or had animals in the house your curtains will hold those smells and for some people will be a huge turn off.

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No privacy concerns? Forget the curtains!

(I wish I could do the same)

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