Intermatic Multiwave Controller

grakkAugust 4, 2011

Anyone have any experiences with the PE653 Controller?

I'm looking at buying one and my pool guy is saying this is a really good lower cost alternative.

I am specifically looking at buying the Intermatic PE34065RC (2 stage pump, blower, heater, actuators) then running my pool lights on a separate switch inside the house.

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If you've simpler needs and wants, it fine. I've used their valve actuators for some time and never had a problem. Their timers have been around forever.

If you want something that does more like controlling LED lights and VSPs, then the others are your better bet.


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The MultiWave will control LED lights and VSPs...from my understanding. What's the problem?...and more importantly, the reason for which I'm here, has anyone figured out how to access the thing via smart phone over the internet???


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It won't AFAIK. It's too basic a system.


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AFAIK - As Far As I Know - Acronym Finder

IT shouldn't matter how basic or complicated it is. Being Z Wave, it should be able to do this (I have a light switch, doesn't get more "basic" than that, that I can access).

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