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karpetApril 5, 2011

Okay, here is another wacky question - Do you carefully plan out each project before you start(Pick the pattern, buy all fabric to go with it according to the yardage, stick to the size of the pattern, etc.)or do you wing it?(Pick from your stash, mix part of this pattern with part of that pattern, adjust the size of the blocks, etc.) And are you a 'cleannie' or a 'messie'?

I wing it - and I'm a messie! There is a pattern I want to do now, it is only a 2 color quilt and the pattern I have is for a baby size, but I want a full size - looking at the 2 fabrics I have, I think I have enough, but according to the pattern I will be woefully short. So I'm debating, do I wing it, or do I believe the pattern??!


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If you could see my sewing room, you'd know that I am definitely a "wing it" and "messy" kind of quilter! When the fabric is flying willy-nilly, I'm really in my creative zone. I decided to make the current quilt longer, so I have to make a few more geese and 4-patch blocks. The color progression with the 4-patch blocks is still TBA, as I change it just about everytime I go in the room.

If your quilt is only two colors (i.e. two fabrics?) then you need to a) buy more fabric to make the larger size or b) go to a Plan B.


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Wing it (mostly). I have purchased fabric with a specific pattern in mind, but it doesn't always get used for that purpose.

Perhaps you can change your pattern to be scrappy in 2 colors. Would that work?


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I do some of both. If I have a pattern I like I usually draw it up in EQ and play around with color and value placement. If I have a set of blocks to assemble, I also play with EQ to try to come up with creative layouts.

I also sometimes buy kits, and sometimes buy fabrics especially for a project. I guess it just depends on my mood and the project! LOL


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I am a bit of both, but mostly I wing it.
When I question the amount of fabric on hand, I have a tendency to come up with a creative border that I feel will work to get the size I am going for. I have done this more times that you can imagine! I am sure this would work for your project also.

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I do both also as it depends on what I wish to do. I see a pattern that I like I will check the quanity of fabric I need but probable will use my choice of color and fabric. If I see something eg. the 4x9 patch I wing it. I love scrappy so that permits a bunch of possibilities. I probably spread my wings more then I follow the leader.

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I am not a newbie just quilting for a couple years and donot consider myself experienced but I get a fabric that I look @ and then I seem to wing it. I do not change the pattern completely but I do redesign just about every quilt I made.

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I mostly wing and always mess. If doing a new technique, like the stained glass I did, the only winging I did was with the border. The last time I bought fabric for a specific quilt, I decided not to do it afterwards. The time before that, I saw a focus fabric I loved and bought corresponding fabric not knowing what I was going to do with it...only that I loved it. A pattern came along, but it's a WIP.


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I was assuming that cleanies are more likely to be careful planners and messies are more likely to wing it?!?

I have 2 fabrics, same blueberry print, different background colors - cream and black. There are 2 yds of one and 2 3/4 yds of the other. In my thinking, 4 3/4 yds would make a decent size top and then I could add sashing or borders or another row of blocks around the edge, or something different for the center, or...... (don't you think 4 3/4 yds of fabric would make a decent sized top??)

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I'm also a bit of both - but generally with a plan, LOL.

If I decide to make a quilt for a specific purpose, it's a planned one. But if I buy fabrics for a planned quilt, I usually buy a lot more than I need. Hey - if I love the fabric, I will make it work! This gives me fodder for several more quilts, plus scraps for the future if I ever decide to do a scrap quilt.

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I used to think of myself as a "cleanie" but my DH would put me in the "messy" category! I start off with good intentions, then something happens! He is always saying why don't you follow a pattern then you know what you need?? (guess that is the engineer in him talking!)


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I think I'm more the messy type. I buy fabric without a plan or pattern, and then sometimes change a pattern and buy more fabric if I don't see what I want in my stash. I often make my own patterns and will use other people's, changing it a bit. I will change sizes often. I like applique and art quilts so might do anything unexpected. I have some here that were so wierd I didn't even finish them. They just don't look like I'd planned it. Oh well. I'll blame it on my gremlins.

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I use patterns more for inspiration and rarely follow one. Mostly I design my own, I guess. But that part of the process gets pretty detailed: graph paper, colored pencils, planning, thinking, shopping for the right fabrics, etc. I like the planning almost as much as the sewing! But my sewing process and my sewing space are absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully, chaotically MESSY! And I wouldn't/couldn't have it any other way. :~))


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Very seldom do my quilts ever end up looking like the inspiration pieces.
I'm always making changes. To me a quilt is art piece in progress so changes in it are not only allowed but expected.
I'm a very messy quilter.

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