do less quilting now

fincheloverApril 2, 2012

are most of you doing less quiting now since it's nice out

I am an outdoorsy type and most of my time is out there. When it gets pretty warm and elderly I stay in and then do some quilting. How about you

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I am 100% an indoor person! I burn in about 2 minutes (with sunscreen it takes about 5 minutes). I hate bugs, I hate sweating, I'm terrified of snakes and I'm afraid of loose I need any more reasons to stay inside? :) Oh, yeah, the sewing machine is inside!


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I love the outdoors, too, especially flower gardening and in the Spring I spend a LOT of time doing it. But since I live in Florida, it heats up to the 90's and I can't take that heat anymore. So I work like heck to get as much done as I can before that. In fact, my first visits to this website were to the Florida Gardening forum, where I regularly read and post.

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This year due to health reason I won't be playing in the gardens so I will be quilting more. I plan on taking the machine out to the new enclosed porch and working out there so I can enjoy the lovely weather but still be productive.
It's killing me cause I love my gardens but it's only for this year so I guess I can deal with it. Who knows maybe working with fabrics outside will inspire me to do something very creative.

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I could stay outside year around, but spring and fall are the best. Can't take extreme heat or cold. I'm loving it outside now.


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I used to love playing with flowerbeds. When we first moved away from my hometown and became renters, I finally planted another flowerbed to make it like home. oops, we had to move again. That happened a couple more times til I finally got the message. Twenty-five years later and I still don't do that anymore, but do love to look at them. I have totally become an inside garden enthusiast! Just inside fun for me....


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Our pleasant outside weather happens in the winter, not the summer! I have a couple more beds to work on then I'll be done gardening for the summer and just quilting from May through October.


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Spring and Fall are very busy for me in the gardens. I do my transplanting and rejuvenating during those seasons, so quilting is not top priority. Summers can get hot and very humid here, so I expect I will have more quilting time starting in mid-July, and lasting through the end of August, and picking up again toward the end of Oct., lasting through the Winter until next March...and the cycle continues.


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I'm starting my first raised bed vegetable garden this year (with my kids help). So, I will be outside more this year than usual. I still like to quilt in the evenings.


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I do garden once the weather gets nice. In this area, that won't be until late May or early June. I'll get out at it a few times before that but it's usually too cold to do much.

Once it gets warmer I do less quilting. We usually get more family visiting and we travel more. We stay outdoors longer too because we don't want to miss the sunshine. In this area, if you blink your eyes, you may miss the summer!!


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Donna you are so funny, I can't believe my daughter and the DGD's have pet snakes, I tell them they are adopted!! I burn just as easily and we actually get hotter than yous guys for about 6 weeks to 2 months.

Julie I never thought of Wisconsin as hot and humid!

Geraldine here we barely had a winter I think we had 1 frost! very mild winter and is going to be a scorcher summer.

I have my weed eater charging and I am trying to work in the yards late evenings. I am not a morning person and you will never see me in the yard early lol!!!

My house is a wreck but I want to finish my sister's red quilt before the real heat sets in. My sewing room gets about 5 to 10 degrees hotter than any room in the house and I lose interested to quilt when it gets hot and humid. My plan is to work on emberoidery!

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I'm a garden fanatic. Had one week of incredible weather for zone 5 then the weather turned icky. I've decided to make time each night for sewing something - which is my Edinburgh quilt right now. Otherwise things will never get done. It relaxes me while listening to stuff. Glad to be back at it again.

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I love to garden, but I only do it earlier in the morning or in the evening because I hate to be in the sun. We installed a new patio with a pergola that has a tinted cover, so I love to sit out there in the afternoon and enjoy the gardens and the birds. It does cut into my sewing time, but when it gets really hot I'm in the sewing room more, because it's nice and cool in that room.

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If I am not gardening, I am in the sewing room. If I am not in the sewing room, I am working on the house(s). If I am not doing that, I am cooking or canning. It doesn't really change season to season, just when in the day I do it. I still have a greenhouse and actually late winter and early spring, I'm already out there working regardless of weather.

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This time of year is spent mostly in the gardens,i try to work in the areas where the sun is not shining to bright,so different parts of the day you'll find me in different parts of the garden.I'm not afraid of bugs,and don't see many anyway,couldn't tell you the last time i saw a snake.

I always wear long pants,socks,crocs,and a long sleeve denim shirt and big floppy hat.If it gets too hot,then i go in until it starts to cool down again.

Must admit though i'm "skeered" of bees,especially now that i have a compromised immune system.

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